Dapp is Coming to Ethereum Microsoft Azure Cloud Users

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The Microsoft Azure platform is making it increasingly easy to get people acquainted with blockchain technology and any protocol running on top of this solution., a company focusing all of their attention on business analytics, messaging, data management, and identity, is currently in talks with Microsoft to bring their Dapp to the Ethereum-powered Microsoft Azure Cloud shortly.

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Expanding Microsoft Azure Cloud With Dapp Capabilities

Although many developers are already excited about what the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform has to offer right now, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Adding a decentralized application – or Dapp – to the vast list of blockchain solutions offered by this platform will only spur more innovation and interest among the developer community.

On the other hand, this means companies such as can gain a lot more exposure by getting involved in Microsoft Azure Cloud. As “regular IT professionals” and existing Microsoft partners get to test what a dapp can do, the future is looking very bright for and what they are offering.

Entrepreneurs and startups can only dream of getting so much exposure at an early stage, and partnering with Microsoft is a significant step in the right direction. Credit goes to the technology giant as well, though, as the company has been extending a helping hand to the digital currency and collaboration community.

What this mean for developers is how they can use the dapp ecosystem to create new applications for the Ethereum Computer. For those users looking to wait a bit until after the Dapp has been deployed, there are plans to release an Ubuntu core image, which includes the Ethereum framework and the Snap Dapp.

All in all, the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment will become more versatile as their selection of different tools and development solutions keeps growing. This is also good news for Dapp enthusiasts, as they will have a testing sandbox environment courtesy of a reputable company at their disposal, which can only bring future innovation to the digital currency and blockchain ecosystem.

Companies looking to venture into the world of Dapp offerings will be able to explore the solution and learn more about decentralization in general. Offering this Dapp on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform will let companies explore the technology without merging it with their existing infrastructure in the real world, as they can thoroughly test and fine tune a hybrid solution.

Automating Decentralized Access Control With

There are many benefits to taking a closer look at the Dapp, as it creates exciting opportunities for companies to automate and decentralize certain business aspects. For example, there is the option to let users set up and collaborate on setting up meetings and agendas, or even generating reports in an entirely autonomous way.

Some people might argue the introduction of Dapp services will cost a lot of jobs, and they may be right up to a certain extent. But at the same time, shows how certain tasks can be automated, which will create other jobs related to interpreting this data and fine tuning the process.  Our society is changing, and more decentralization is always beneficial.

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