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AskBitcoiner is the First Major Arab Bitcoin Community

Avatar newsbtc 4 years ago

It is always positive to see increased interest in the concept of Bitcoin and digital currency. Reaching a global audience is not an easy task, but the Internet is certainly an invaluable tool to do so. Now that the first Arab Bitcoin community has been formed, like-minded people can get together in the region and exchange valuable ideas about Bitcoin and the future of blockchain technology.

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Bitcoin in the Arabian World

Up until this point, there has been very little information regarding the usage of Bitcoin in the Arab world. Even though we concluded the concept of Bitcoin is halal under Islamic law, there has been no word on any exchanges in the region or particular blockchain-based development. But all of that will be coming to change shortly, now that the first Arab Bitcoin community has been formed not too long ago.

The main purpose of this community is to exchange information and pose questions regarding the future of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Understanding the technology underpinning the protocol is a topic of great discussion, as many forms of innovation can come forth from these debates.

But there is more to it than just that, as this new Arab Bitcoin community plans to push adoption of digital currency across the Middle East and North Africa in the coming years. Bringing the culture of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to everyday consumers and businesses is of great importance to let the ecosystem grow.

Moreover, becoming part of this community is rather easy, as users can sign up through the AskBitcoiner website. Making the signup process as easy as possible is an excellent way to attract new community members in the region, and it looks like the plan is to turn this platform into a Bitcoin version of Quora.

Even though there are plenty of benefits to both Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology, a lot of businesses and consumers are either unaware of the options or hesitant to become part of this ecosystem. AskBitcoiner wants to change this situation and recruit some of the most influential members of the Bitcoin industry to be part of this new platform.

Moreover, there are plans on the table to reward active contributors on the AskBitcoiner platform, although not too many details have been revealed yet. Another future addition comes in the form of dedicated guides and courses on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, although it remains unknown as to who will be providing this information.

Source: Ait News

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