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Bing Search Results Riddled With Fake Bitcoin Wallet Providers

Avatar newsbtc 4 years ago

When novice users are on the lookout for a proper Bitcoin wallet solution, search engines are the first tool they will wield. However, throughout the years, various fake wallet providers have made their way to the top of search results, and especially Bing seems to be a source of misinformation.

Bing Search Results Are Questionable

In the past two weeks, Bing search results have led users to two new Bitcoin wallet providers nobody had ever heard from up until then. Given the wide variety of wallet solutions in existence today, it is not uncommon to find one or two companies that have slipped under the radar as of late.

But at the same time, neither Blockchillin and are legitimate sources for Bitcoin wallet services. The latter one is a clear copycat of the website, which is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallet solutions in the world today. By tricking users into entering their username and password, Blockechain owners hope to steal other users’ Bitcoin balance with those credentials.

It is not hard to figure out where these search results are coming from, as the website owners will pay to have their website listed at the top of search results. A similar trend can be noted when doing a Google search for Bitcoin wallets, which has yielded similar fake results throughout the years. However, the technology giant is a lot quicker on weeding out those results.

The only course of action available to Bitcoin enthusiasts is reporting these sites to Bing, as well as their advertisement center. Whether or not the company will take the appropriate measures in getting the results sorted out promptly, remains to be seen. More experienced users will have an easier time culling the weed from the chaff.

Moreover, it is also important to keep in mind these search results will vary depending on the geographical location of the user. Some of these services are aimed at Europe or the US specifically, whereas others see a more global approach. Major search engines need to turn a profit through these sponsored listings, but they should also do their due diligence in the future.

Source: Reddit

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