Dragon’s Tale – Guess which Fruit the Monkey will pick and Win a Jackpot

Dragon’s Tale is one of the oldest Bitcoin Casinos in the ecosystem and also one of the funniest Casinos around. Dragon’s Tale managed to develop a game where players could experience the wonders of a role play game while being able to gamble through several casino-based mini games.

It is an awesome game where you enrol a character and go around gambling meeting people in a fantastic Casino world. At Dragon’s Tale, players will also be able to interact with practically everything in the game environment, meaning that they can bet on pretty much anything. Aside, specific mini-games, they can also bet at Trees, leaves, benches, bushes, wells, and much more.

Silly Monkey is one of these fun mini games. It is a simplistic version of the Monkey Rolette Game, and its essence is nearly the same. It is a game of guessing. The player will need to guess which fruit the monkey will land on so that they can win a reward.

To bet on a fruit, click on its tile. It will show you what it will pay if the monkey chooses that fruit. Some tiles are jackpot tiles and others are community tiles. Jackpot tiles are the ones you can bet on and will pay equal to the payout multiplied by the bets placed there. So if you place a 2 Bitcoin bet on a fruit that has a payout of 4:1 and the monkey chooses that tile, you will win 8 Bitcoins. The other tile type is a community tile. You can’t bet on these, but if the monkey lands on one, every bet you placed will pay the odds on that community tile. So if you place 4 Bitcoins in total bets spread amongst many jackpot tiles and the monkey chooses a fruit on a community tile that has a payout of 3:1, you will get 12 Bitcoins back, no matter where you placed the bets for the jackpot tiles. In addition to tiles, there are pits. These are holes in the ground the monkey can fall in. If a monkey falls in one, the house wins and all bets will be lost.

This game has the potential to turn a few Bitmills into hundreds of Bitcoins if you place your bet on a fruit with a very high payout that the monkey chooses. Even if you do risk it on a long shot, you can still win a good amount if the monkey lands on a community tile which the monkey could land on even if he goes in the opposite direction of your fruit always giving you a chance of winning.

If you have some time to spare you need to try out Dragon’s Tale. You can easily open an account and start playing for free.

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According to a CNBC report covering the Consensus event in New York former US Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers told the audience how blockchain technology will disrupt the current way we handle finances. Summers gave a three-part summary of his vision of how distributed ledger technology will take hold and in the end Bitcoin will likely fall to the wayside.

During the Three-Day Consensus Event Larry Summers Details Blockchain Technology’s Vast Array of Attributes

Larry SummersThe moderated discussion was hosted by Alan Murray of Fortune Magazine and gave some insight to just how Summers feels about this emerging economy. Summers states, “I’m reasonably confident that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange,” Then the former Secretary of the Treasury details how the technology can reduce certain costs and frictions involved when dealing with current traditional systems. The speaker was recently added to Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group as an advisor.

CNBC also reported that Summers did not see eye to eye with JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon about Bitcoin. Summers states, “Jamie’s a smart guy, but Bill Gates is a smart guy too and he said the internet’s not going anyplace.” Despite this Summers believes the government will still enforce more legislation concerning the currency and blockchain technology. Alongside this opinion, the Summers doesn’t think the technology will be “a libertarian paradise.”

Throughout the Consensus discussion, Summers highlights the innovation the technology underpinning Bitcoin and how the blockchain could make current financial systems more efficient. Summers is among many legacy institutions that believe distributed ledger technology will move far past Bitcoin in the future. The entire event was dedicated to the blockchain discussion and how it could revolutionize the economy and Internet of Things.

Giant consortiums such as R3 and many others betting on alternatives like the programmable digital currency Ethereum also seem to feel the technology doesn’t need to be the original Bitcoin. Many observers feel that in the future these competing blockchains will not provide the same innovation as its permissionless counterpart. Time will tell if blockchain proponents like Larry Summers are right. Bitcoin supporters believe these projects are no more than hyped up Swift databases with a blockchain catch phrase added to the melody.

Source: CNBC

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Doing something bad with good intentions don’t make it right! Maybe no one told this to the cybercriminals behind this new Bitcoin ransomware. CryptMix, the new ransomware doing rounds on the internet extorts money out of its victims, but forwards the ransom for charity.

Like any other ransomware, CryptMix encrypts the files on the victim’s computer making it unusable. According to Heimdal Security, a well-known anti-malware and cyber security software company, the new ransomware makes use of psychological manipulation to convince its victims of its ‘good’ intentions. Mostly built using the source code from other open source malware like CryptoWall 4.0 and CryptXXX, the malware once infected can’t be removed from the computer without an adequate key, which has to be obtained by paying the ransom. To make matters worse, the cybercriminals behind the ransomware adds a time limit, which doubles the ransom every 24 hours until the ransom is paid.

In the ransom note, the hackers behind CryptMix explain the requirement of a special software with a special unique private key to decrypt the files. They quote the price of this ‘special software’ to be 5 BTC and the software, apart from decrypting the encoded files will also offer protection to the system, making it invulnerable. That’s not all, this special software also comes with three years of free tech support.

In order to appeal to the altruistic side of their victims, the hackers claim that the ransom paid to unlock the computer will be spent on a children’s charity, providing the underprivileged children with presents and medical help. However, they fail to divulge any other information about the so-called charity and which part of the world they are going to spend the ill-gotten money in.

The ransomware is generally received over e-mails in the form of an attachment. Once the user downloads the attachment and tries to open it, the malware will spread throughout the computer, encrypting over 862 different file types. If the user has some important data stored on the infected computer without backing it up at any other location, he/she will be forced to pay the ransom in order to gain access to it.

Until now ransomware creators generally demanded anywhere between 1 to 2 bitcoin from individuals to provide them with the decryption key. But CryptMix takes it to a next level, and charges over $2,000 in bitcoin.

Now, it is highly unlikely that these hackers are going to pay even a single penny from the ransom towards charity, but for those at the receiving end of their wrath, at least the ransom note should sound comforting.

It is better to avoid being a victim of such ransomware attacks by following safe internet usage practices and regularly backing up data to ensure the safety of both, computer and priceless information the machine may contain.

Ref: Heimdal Security | The Tech News Header Image: NewsBTC

Bitcoin technology is unquestionably finding its share of fans in Japan, a country which recently proposed a rather friendlier regulatory framework for the digital currency. And now, the land of the rising sun is making a similar progress in terms of online trading.

Over the gone weekend, Japan has reportedly recorded the world’s second highest Bitcoin trade volume, falling just short of touching China, while beating the US. A discussion initiated on Reddit provided an image to prove the claim. The snapshot showed how BTC/JPY trading instruments was sitting on the top of BTC/USD and BTC/EUR respectively. Even though the source of this information has not be ascertained yet, it still seemed pretty plausible.

Japan has a prolific cryptocurrency ecosystem which has bounced back on track after Mt Gox, a scandalous Bitcoin exchange which lost million of dollars of people’s money to an inside hack. A fair amount of pundits saw the incident as an end of Bitcoin in the region but – against all the odds – the Japanese regulators took steps to create a confident environment for Bitcoin community. It encouraged the digital currency’s adoption by recently recognizing it as any other fiat currency.

While the credibility of the Reddit post about yesterday’s BTC/JPY trade volume is being debated, the country’s Bitcoin exchanges handle at least 50000 bitcoins on an average every day, which itself is a big amount. One of the Japanese Bitcoin exchanges, Zaif has recently traded over 45k bitcoin in one day.

The cryptocurrency community in Japan is not just interested in Bitcoin, but there is also an increasing interest in other digital currency platforms, and blockchain technology as well. For instance: Many startups in Japan are creating applications on Counterparty, another financial application protocol which is built on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

According to reports, there are already over 1000 merchants across Japan that accept bitcoin payments. Similarly, the country also has a large number of Bitcoin ATMs – over 13 Bitcoin machines – operational across the country.

Whether the Reddit post about yesterday’s bitcoin trade volumes is ‘legit’ or not, is an entirely different matter. Even if the numbers in that post is wrong at the moment, it will turn out to be true in the future as the usage of Bitcoin and other digital currencies continues to grow.

Ref: Reddit | Counterparty and the Japanese Digital Currency Market
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The European session is now drawing to a close, and its time to perform the second of our twice daily bitcoin price watch analyses. As we mentioned this morning, action over the weekend was pretty flat – something of an anomaly when considered in line with the sharp, volatile action we’ve seen during the weekend over the last few months. As things have turned out, action throughout today’s session has mirrored that which we saw over the weekend. Specifically, we’ve not really seen any volatility, and the intrarange element of our strategy has been the only effective approach.

As we head into the US afternoon, however, and beyond that, into the Asian session this evening, how can we use today’s action to put together a trading strategy? As ever, get a quick look at the chart below to see the range we are focusing on, and the targets we are looking to aim for on our positions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 15.15.33

As the chart shows, the range in focus for this afternoon’s session remains just as was earlier today. Specifically, in term support comes in at 453 to the downside, while in term resistance is at 457 to the upside – an approximate four-dollar range.

It’s a little too tight to go for intrarange entries, so we will be focusing primarily on the breakout side of our intraday approach.

We’ll look to get into a long trade if price breaks, and closes above, in term resistance. A target of 463 and a stop loss at 455 keeps things attractive on the risk side of the position.

Looking short, if price closes below in term support, it will signal a downside entry towards an initial bearish target of 448. Again a stop is necessary, and we will look to 455 as our exit point in the event of a bias reversal.

Happy Trading!

Charts courtesy of Simple FX

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A new Accenture-commissioned survey has revealed that over 60% small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) would use their banks if they receive Bitcoin services.

The report, titled “SME Banking 2020; Changing the Conversation”, is penned after surveying 1,000 UK-based SMEs to understand the growing business challenges they face due to inadequate banking services. And as it turns out, a larger portion of the participants has admitted wanting Bitcoin services to be included in their day-to-day banking convenience. Excerpt:

“There is clear appetite among SMEs for value-added services, with more than 60 percent confirming that they would use their bank if these services were offered, including bitcoin and peer-to-peer lending.”

The report, however, also found how banks are running risks of losing out by not meeting up to the growing demands of the SMEs that amazingly make up 99.9% of all the UK business sector. The traditional finance players, therefore, would likely be losing relevance, as well as revenues, if they fail to engage the said clientele in meeting their futuristic demands.

Gareth Wilson, Accenture UK’s Banking Practice Lead, believes that the banks have the opportunity to make £8.5 billion in potential annual revenues, only if they focus more on SMEs than the traditional financial services.

“If they don’t, he added, “they risk being disrupted out of a market that SMEs actively want them more involved in.”

FinTech and Bitcoin in UK are Booming

While the Bitcoin adoption in the UK continues to be low, it is expected to hit a decent number with the proposed flexibilities in the FinTech sector. The UK government has already initiated a research on blockchain, Bitcoin’s underlying public leader technology, to innovate the country’s conventional financial sector. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has already laid out plans to introduce fair and supportive regulatory framework for Bitcoin & Blockchain companies alike.

At the same time, independent digital banking platform Starling has earlier announced plans to penetrate the UK markets by utilizing the powers of Bitcoin and blockchain, an evidence that proves how the conventional banks are facing a great competition from the market’s new — and much advanced — entrants.

It is now up to the banks’ ability to come around the idea of embracing new finance technologies that will decide their future course in this ever-evolving market.

Source: Accenture Consulting Image: NewsBTC

It’s the start of a fresh week, and the weekend just gone has been a bit of an anomaly when compared to the last couple of months’ worth of action. Often, we will see a large, distinct, and usually sustained, price move.  Across the weekends just gone, however, price has remained relatively flat. What this means for the week going forward – as yet that she was unclear, but chances are we will see a bit of movement as volume returns to the market. So, and as we head into a fresh with straight, what levels that we’re focusing on in the bitcoin price, and where will we look to get in and out the markets as price matures? As ever, take a quick look at the chart below to get an idea of the range in question. It is a 15-minute candlestick chart representing the last 24 hours’ worth of action in the bitcoin price.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.15.51

As the chart shows, the range we are looking at for today is defined by support to the downside at 453 and, to the upside, resistance comes in at 457. It’s probably a little too tight to attempt an intrarange strategy, but for those looking for an aggressive entry, long at support on a bounce and short at resistance on a correction is a valid opportunity if volume picks up. On these trades, a stop loss just the other side of the key level entry will ensure the positions become nullified if sentiment reverses.

Looking at things from a breakout perspective, a close above resistance will signal a long entry towards an initial upside target of 465. Conversely, a short entry will signal if price closes below 453. A target on this latter position at 448 looks good. Just as with the intrarange trades, a stop loss one or two dollars the other side of the entry keeps things tight from a risk management perspective.

Charts courtesy of SimpleFX

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Key Highlights

  • Ethereum price after trading as low as $8.40 started to gain bids vs the US Dollar.
  • ETH/USD is making an attempt to trade higher, but may face sellers near a bearish trend line formed on the hourly chart (data feed via Kraken).
  • A break above the trend line and resistance area could take the price towards the last swing high of $10.40.

Ethereum price looks hesitant, but if the ETH/USD bulls manage to gain strength, then a move towards $10.40 is possible in the near term.

Ethereum Price – Buy with a break?

Ethereum price ETH traded down from $10.40 to $8.40 recently, and then started to consolidate losses. The price is currently moving higher, and may be heading towards a major resistance area in the form of a bearish trend line formed on the hourly chart (data feed via Kraken) of ETH/USD. The highlighted trend line resistance area acted as a hurdle for the ETH bulls earlier and might stall gains one more time.

However, there is one positive to note, which is the fact that the price is currently above the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a chance that the ETH bulls may push the price above the highlighted trend line resistance area. In that situation, the price could easily test the last swing high of $10.40.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis

ETH/USD needs to clear the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level of the last drop from the $10.40 high to $8.40 in order to gain strength. One may consider buying with a break above the highlighted trend line resistance with a stop of an hourly close below the 100 SMA.

Hourly MACD – The MACD looks is in the bullish slope, calling for an upside move.

Hourly RSI – The RSI is well above the 50 level, which is a bullish sign in the short term.

Intraday Support Level – $9.20

Intraday Resistance Level – $9.70


Charts courtesy of Kraken via Trading View

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Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price bounced off an area of interest last week, indicating that buyers may be regaining control.
  • If so, price could make its way back to the longer-term resistance at $470 and make another attempt at breaking higher.
  • Technical indicators are giving mixed signals for now so it could be anybody’s game.

Bitcoin price found support at a broken resistance level but indicators suggest that sellers still have a chance.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA so the path of least resistance is to the upside and the rally could carry on up to $470 or higher. In addition, the 200 SMA held as dynamic support in the past so it might continue to keep losses in check from here.

However, stochastic is indicating overbought conditions and is turning lower so bitcoin price could follow suit. This could take price down to the near-term support at $450 once more or until $440. Stronger selling pressure could lead to a test of the longer-term floor around $380-400.

Meanwhile, RSI is on middle ground barely providing any strong directional clues for now. The oscillator still seems to be on track to head higher though, so bulls might have enough energy to push for a break of the near-term ceiling at $457.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 05/09/2016 - Bulls Making a Comeback?

Market Events

The US non-farm payrolls turned out much weaker than expected, as the economy added 160K jobs only versus the projected 203K increase. The jobless rate was unchanged at 5.0% while average hourly earnings ticked up by 0.3% as expected. Total revisions to previous data amounted to 19K.

With that, the dollar was in a weaker spot against bitcoin price since this reinforced the view that the Fed might not hike interest rates in June. For today, only the labor market conditions index is due. Later on in the week, top-tier reports such as retail sales and PPI are up for release, with stronger than expected results likely to renew calls for tightening next month and force bitcoin price to retreat.

Charts from OKCoin, courtesy of SimpleFX

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