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The DAO is Under a Curator-lead White Hat Attack

Avatar newsbtc 4 years ago

The DAO received another attack, this time, a blue team comprised of curators and Ethereum foundation members launched their own initiative to save the remaining funds. The ether is being sent to this address, and the revelation came after community members realized that a large-scale attack was unfolding once more.

Ethereum foundation member Alex Van de Sande revealed that the attack was being carried out by a team of curators and other developers:

I repeat. There was an attack on the DAO so we launched our white hat counter attack. More updates will follow

The Ethereum address is now holding more than 7 million ether (worth more than $86 million), the attack was maintained under secrecy to avoid alerting the hacker of the upcoming move to secure the funds in The DAO’s smart contract.

Alex Van de Sande said that more information on this curator-lead attack will be available soon. It appears that there are two more addresses draining funds from the DAO, but whether they are linked with the Curators remains unknown. Apologizes

A couple of hours before these events, Christoph Jentzsch, co-founder of the German startup released an apology note, at the core of the statement Jentzsch said:

I can honestly say, that I gave my best, open sourced the code and approached as many knowledgeable persons that I could find to review it, but it was not enough. We have learned a lot through this, and are paying a high price.

The developer asked users to support the upcoming fork. The post was well received by the community showing various levels of appreciation. After all, the open sourced code belongs to everybody, and token holders are equally responsible for the debacle. Debates on whether the miners, exchange and users should accept a Soft or hard fork remains.

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