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Founder: Ethereum Foundation Should Get Its Priorities Right

The development of cryptocurrency technology has come a long way since the introduction of Bitcoin. Ethereum protocol is currently the example of its highest form so far. It is widely known that it is, in no way, in the final stage of cryptocurrency technology, as it is expected to grow further with time.

The Ethereum foundation has been doing a great job with the development of Ethereum platform so far. However, in the recent days, the leading developers in the Ethereum community including its founder Vitalik Buterin are more focused on things other than core Ethereum. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) a concept built over Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of decentralized democratized organizations on the blockchain where those who are part of the organization are identified by their possession of DAO tokens, which also marks their right to cast votes to decide upon the organization’s course of actions. DAOs were recently introduced by Ethereum and the its crowdsale was used to raise funds for Ethereum foundation.

Ethereum Foundation

After the successful DAO crowdsale, the Ethereum foundation has been increasingly focused on the development and implementation of DAO instead of the core Ethereum protocol, which has become evident in the way the organization has been performing in the recent days. Whether the shift in focus will set a bad precedent or not, the Ethereum founder Anthony Di Iorio doesn’t want to take chances. In a recent tweet, he has urged the Ethereum community, including Vitalik Buterin to distance themselves from third party dapps, contracts, and companies. Instead, he urges them to start focusing on the Ethereum protocol itself and work on scaling the protocol while educating people about it.

Anthony’s concerns are shared by other people as well. Many responses to his tweet show that not everyone is happy with the way Ethereum Foundation has been handling things lately. Even Anthony has accepted that the foundation has made a mistake by including the names of companies like on its website. He calls for the Ethereum foundation to be independent of all these third parties. He also goes on to say that the DAO is flawed and Ethereum foundation pushed a flawed product, which has now blown back to their faces following security flaws and attacks.

It is to be seen whether the Ethereum foundation will rectify its mistakes or continue to champion all the wrong causes.

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