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Stellar Protocol Announces Stellar Build Challenge for Developers

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

As the Stellar ecosystem continues to grow, creators of the blockchain based financial platform have decided to further strengthen the codes by leveraging the power of the crowd. The Stellar Protocol has announced the launch of its Stellar Build Challenge where they encourage the developer community to build new products on the platform.

According to Stellar’s recent release, the Stellar Build Challenge will be divided into four categories – Anchors, Applications, First-time Submissions and Exchanges. Each of these categories will have their own awards, granted to the submitted projects upon review by a panel of jurors. The announcement about Stellar Build Challenge comes right before the platform’s Bitcoin-Lumen giveaway program, which is expected to begin early next month.

The Bitcoin-Lumen program will see Stellar offering its Lumen crypto-tokens to the Bitcoin community for free. The amount of Lumens offered to Bitcoin holders will be equivalent to the percentage of total bitcoin held by the bitcoin user at the time of the program’s launch. Stellar will be publishing a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain, with the record of bitcoins stored across the wallets. The unclaimed Lumens left behind after the program’s completion will be used to fund the Stellar Build Challenge awards.

The Anchor category will include banks, licensed money service providers and mobile money operators that use Stellar network to accept deposits, issue credits and honour withdrawals. Application categories will include apps like wallets on built on Stellar network. Similarly, the Exchanges category will include exchange platforms supporting Lumen trading. Each category has different award slabs as listed below.



1st Place

2nd Place3rd Place

4th Place


55 million lumens

44 million lumens33 million lumens

22 million lumens


33 million lumens

22 million lumens14 million lumens

5 million lumens


8 million lumens

5.5 million lumens

Most Innovative Applications

11 million lumens

5.5 million lumens

2.7 million lumens

In addition to these awards, First-Time submissions will be eligible for quarterly rewards of 200,000 Lumens. The submissions will be verified to ensure that they meet the defined criteria before the payout.


The jury members along with their Stellar Slack handles are listed below.
– Cheng Kuan @lab
– Johan Stén @dzham
– Eno Han @eno
– Christian Rudder
– Tim Akinbo @takinbo

Developers have to submit their open sourced GitHub account containing their applications built on the Stellar platform to gain entry into the Stellar Build Challenge.

The submissions will be judged in the middle of September and the results are slated to be announced by the 1st of October.

Ref: Stellar | Image: Stellar Blog
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