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University of Cantabria in Spain Offers Summer Bitcoin Course

Avatar Joseph Young 4 years ago

University of Cantabria, a public Spanish university located in Santander, Torrelavega and Comillas, has announced the introduction of a summer Bitcoin course led by Telecommunications engineers Steven Vaerenbergh and Oscar Gonzalez, and mathematician Claudiu Tanasescu.

Vaerenbergh, who is leading the Bitcoin course at the university of Cantabria, explains that the digital currency course is important for the students to take because Bitcoin is one of the “greatest hits” of the new financial era.

He further added that Bitcoin is one of the safest currencies and assets in the world because it is impossible to counterfeit it.

“Bitcoin is not backed by any government, private entity or banking, but it is an open technology that is available to anyone in the world,” explained Vaerenbergh. He also clarified that unlike credit cards or bank accounts that are issued by a centralized entity, students and young individuals will be able to retain full control of their money.

Apart from the technological advances and benefits the Bitcoin network offers, Vaerenbergh will first ensure that the students understand the economical or financial merits and advantages of using Bitcoin. According to the university’s press release, Vaerenbergh believes the greatest advantage of the digital currency is the financial freedom it provides to the users.

Individuals that use Bitcoin can send money home or make international payments with substantially low transaction fees, explained Vaerenbergh. However, he believes that there is great ignorance and distrust from people when dealing with Bitcoin and its underlying technologies.

“The problem we have is that there is great ignorance and distrust of people to this technology,” stated Vaerenbergh.

As the director of the course, Vaerenbergh will collaborate with other experts to help students fully understand the financial and technological merits and benefits of using Bitcoin in comparison to financial services and products in existence today.

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