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BitPay Upgrades Design, Introduces Modal Invoice

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

BitPay, the leading Bitcoin payment processor has announced the introduction of ‘modal invoice’ feature on its platform.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based company reported the new design upgrade on its blog post earlier this week. The new design, aimed at improving the user experience will offer added convenience for buyers to make bitcoin payments. Generally, the e-commerce platforms redirect customers to a different payments page when the click on the ‘Pay Now’ button. But this new user-friendly feature opens an invoice modal with payment information whenever the user chooses to pay for his/her purchase with bitcoin. The drop down modal will allow the user to execute the payment without having to leave the page. Once the payment is executed, the user can just close the modal invoice and continue exploring the website.

BItPay Modal Invoice

The modal invoice will include the product details and its cost, in both bitcoin and its equivalent in USD. The user can toggle between the Bitcoin address and its corresponding QR code for merchant’s wallet depending upon whether he/she is making the payment from a computer or mobile phone. The ‘Open Wallet’ button at the bottom of the modal invoice is designed to open any Bitcoin wallet installed in the user’s computer or mobile phone, allowing them to pay directly from it.

Integration of the New Modal Invoice

Integrating the modal invoice is as easy as making payments on it. All a merchant has to do is copy and paste the bitpay.js JavaScript snippet into his website to add this new design feature.

BitPay has also published step by step instructions to integrate invoice modal

  1. Add bitpay.js to your web page: <script src=””></script>

  2. When you create an invoice with a POST request to BitPay, BitPay returns the id of the invoice as part of the request response.

  3. To display the newly created invoice within a modal, pass the invoice id into the showInvoice method provided by bitpay.js: bitpay.showInvoice(id);

  4. The modal invoice will automatically update when payments have been received. In addition to the server IPN sent to your notificationURL, the modal iframe will send a POST message to the parent window that the status has changed.

With the inclusion of the new design, BitPay is preparing itself to cater to an increasing number of Bitcoin users. These features also make BitPay look far better than those on some of the conventional payment gateways.

Ref: BitPay Blog |Image: ShutterStock
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