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DECENT Network Crowdsale
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DECENT Network Crowdsale to Start Soon

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

DECENT Network, the blockchain-based content distribution solution platform, has announced the crowdsale of its DECENT tokens (DCT). The DECENT Computer Code sale, as the platform prefers to call it, is aimed at creating a secure and independent publishing network powered by the distributed ledger technology.

In order to develop the “Decentralized Future of Media,” DECENT will be raising the necessary funds for the further evolution of the DECENT Network. The crowdsale, originally supposed to go live in the month of June, was delayed due to some technical issues which are now resolved.

In a statement regarding the delays in launching the initial offering, Sandra from DECENT said:

“The DECENT Software Sale was delayed due to organizational issues. We were working hard to ensure the best preparation of the ICO details, bounty system and the possible use cases which would clearly specify the abilities of DECENT Network. As the DECENT Software Sale is a one-time opportunity to join the digital revolution, we want to make this happen in the best possible way both for our supporters and the network itself.”

Those taking part in the DECENT software sale buy DCT tokens, the software tool used to fuel the whole publishing and buying process on the DECENT network. DCT will be used on the platform to publish, monetize and share content across the network. The DCT also helps in keeping the network free of spam.

Being a decentralized content sharing platform, DECENT allows content creators and consumers to share and access information without having to worry about censorship by the governments and other parties. In addition, by eliminating middlemen-like distributors and publishers, creators can maximize their profits over DECENT network.

DECENT has provided the break-up of the DCT software tool for the upcoming ICO round. The allocation of tokens among the stakeholders are as follows:

DECENT is keeping aside 39 million DCT towards Promotional Bounties (1 million DCT), Pre-software Sale and Marketing (3 million DCT) and the rest (35 million) for the DECENT Foundation.

DECENT Software Sale Flow

DECENT Crowdsale

More information about DECENT Network is available on one of our previous coverage of the platform- “Much Awaited DECENT Platform’s Crowd Sale Goes Live in June

Those interested to take part in the crowdsale will be able to do so soon at the following link

Ref & Image Source: DECENT Foundation
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