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In Conversation with DECENT Co-Founder Matej Boda

Avatar News BTC 3 years ago

NewsBTC recently got the opportunity to speak with Matej Boda, the co-founder of DECENT, a blockchain-based content distribution platform. Boda discussed how Decent is following the blockchain’s literal and moral code to create a decentralized content distribution network that would help content creators and publishers alike. Here are some excerpts from our interview:

NewsBTC: What makes Decent platform different than its competitors?

Matej Boda: The main difference is based on long­term goal we want to achieve. According to DECENT Development Plan DECENT Network aims to revolutionize the digital content distribution process. Our vision is to create a fully integrated & trustworthy worldwide system of digital content distribution in which the communication flow is secured and timestamped by the blockchain mechanism.

How publishing platforms, like NewsBTC, could benefit from your services?

The main advantages that the established publishing platforms can achieve are transparency and security. Content distribution through DECENT Network and author’s reputation is timestamped in the Blockchain. Online publishing platforms can provide all the features that their users are used to, while they ensure the highest level of security and trust.

Why it took Decent so long to announce software sale?

We started development in June 2015. The idea came sooner that year. We have been working with many people on it and we still are. DECENT supporters, based around the globe, are constantly helping us to spread the word. During the last couple of months we were validating the product in different phases and looking for the right fit. When we were 100% sure we want to go this way we started to prepare everything. We wanted to be sure we are ready for the ICO. Our goal is to have finalized product that is ready to be published. That is also goal of the whole development after the ICO. We want to be sure our product will be ready to launch.

How Decent is not just another vaporware?

We have built strong team around DECENT Network. There also are many people that are constantly helping with DECENT development and community outreach. We already have a fully functional prototype that will be launched soon after the ICO as a Test­net is launched. The prototype has already demonstrated all of the main functions of the Network and it is nearly ready for the system. We need to do some optimization and small changes on it and we can move to the testphase. We want to make sure we will not release unfinished product. Therefore, we aim to test our product until we can be sure there are no holes in it. Also we are expanding our team with senior developers, that will assist us in further development.

IPOs don’t really have good reputation. How will you ensure a fair bounty distribution?

Our goal is to prevent initial dump of the price because of high bounty rewards. Therefore we cannot release all of the funds at once. It is common in IPO’s to create restriction that will prevent insiders who are holding company’s stock, before being public, from selling the stock for a certain period of time after the company goes public. This period is there to prevent the market from being flooded with a large number of shares, which would depress the stock’s price. The funds will be released in several waves. All of the bounty rewards will be distributed up to 3 month after launch. If you have any questions you can get it touch with me on our channels.

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