Telegram-bot Lara Raises $5 Million in Just 73 Days

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Telegram-based Bitcoin investment project Lara With Me announced that it has attracted $5 million worth of investments in just 73 days.

The automatic fund management system, which was launched with the aim to provide people an attractive passive income service, said that over 24,000 investors have already joined their ever-growing investment vehicle. It also claimed that out of the $5 million that was raised in the last 73 days, $1 million was raised in the last 72 hours alone.

Lara investors, who joined some 70 days ago, have meanwhile claimed receiving their daily payouts, with each making up to 3X profits on their respective principal investments.

“LARA pays 3% yield from each of your deposits daily, without any changes in terms of payment, claims processing speed, as well as marketing in general,” the company added. “Payments are made without time limits. So the deposit will not return (it is required for constant work in the portfolio) and your payments will be made indefinitely. The user’s deposit is regained approximately on the 33rd day of participation in the system.”


With the claims being validated by the investors themselves, Lara is surely establishing itself as a reliable and know-all Bitcoin investment platform. The company is said to have been investing clients’ funds into the most profitable projects of the tomorrow, especially in the startups that are in their first stage. Lara further manages to make handsome investment returns through its engaging and practical affiliate programs. The company added:

“All in all a short term goal, facilitated by the fact that LARA is not obliged to repay the deposit to the investor, allows to grow the amount of free funds successfully, which may bring income in the future, without the requirement of making a new investment. For this reason, endless interest payments are possible, and the system only grows stronger with each passing day.”

Interested customers can find more information on the platform here.

Join Lara With Me Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Larawithme-267284663628464

or follow their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKU1q3oJvaZ_boD8POh0Ljg

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