Dragon’s Tale – Play the Tea Ceremony and Earn Some Coins

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Dragon’s Tale is the only Casino MMRPG and one of the leading Bitcoin Casinos in the industry. Dragon’s Tale was the first to introduce this completely new genre into the gambling ecosystem. The site first appeared in early 2012, and since then it has been steadily growing, and today The Casino already offers more than one hundred original and exotic Casino-based games.

At Dragon’s Tale, you will find a whole lot of fun games that you will never find in any other casino. One of these cool games is the Tea Ceremony. The Tea Ceremony is kind of a poker variant.

In Tea Ceremony, you have to get the highest value ‘hand/tea set’ out of all the unfolded players, at the end of the round. The ‘hands’ are different coloured teas. At the first glance you can see only the values in your own hand/table of teas, but as the game progresses you may be able to see others.

On your turn, you may lock a table of Teas, preventing it from being stolen, but also revealing it to other players. Do this with tables you want to keep. Or you may switch one of your own tables with one of another player, in an attempt to improve your own hand/tea set. However, this may backfire. You may also raise during your turn. If you win the round, you win all the bitcoins in the Teapot. The Team Ceremony is a skill game, so if you manage to get the hang of it, you will likely to succeed in getting a good pot.

Break away from the old and conventional casino-based games and try out a whole new concept of gambling. Join Dragon’s Tale now and start playing in the coolest casino in the whole Bitcoin industry.

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