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Synereo Partners with NFX Guild to Promote its DApps Ecosystem

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

Synereo, the company developing advanced blockchain technology-based distributed ledger protocol has partnered with NFX Guild. The partnership was announced by the Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup earlier yesterday. As a part of this partnership, the Silicon Valley-based accelerator will be helping the platform develop its decentralized applications (DApps) ecosystem on its Blockchain 2.0 platform.

In order to encourage developers to use Synereo’s blockchain infrastructure to create applications, the NFX Guild will be initially selecting three teams from its guild to use Synereo Blockchain 2.0 tech stack to build DApps. These teams will be composed of members from the upcoming batch of NFX Guild Accelerator program.

Synereo recently launched two new products to augment its RChain blockchain infrastructure. These two products, Special-K and RhoLang are designed to facilitate the development of applications on the platform’s custom blockchain. Special-K offers the much-required storage and content delivery layer while RhoLang is a smart contracts creation language. All the three products together make Synereo’s Blockchain 2.0 tech stack.

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As part of the joint initiative between Synereo and NFX Guild, the companies will be organizing a hackathon soon. Developers and teams from across the world will be invited to participate in the event where the participants will be required to develop products and applications revolving around Synereo’s blockchain and tech stack. The top ideas /projects resulting from the hackathon event will be considered for the NFX Guild Accelerator program.

The Managing Partner of NFX Guild James Currier, while speaking about the partnership and the upcoming hackathon event says,

“We have been looking at digital currencies, Blockchain, and the decentralized economy for over a decade. We’ve been looking for a time and a group that was not just crypto-nerds, but that was practical, who wanted to build applications, who wanted to make it about the users’ experience of something great – not just about the technology and the math. The Synereo team has that balanced perspective, and we’re looking for practical, growth oriented founding teams with the same approach to build apps on the Synereo platform.”

Winners of the Synereo-NFX Guild hackathon who get selected for the accelerator program will be receiving a $120,000 investment along with AMP grant from Synereo.

The partnership will be helpful for Synereo to get the first few DApps running on its platform. It will also encourage other developers to adopt Synereo platform.

Ref: Synereo Release | Image: Synereo


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