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ViaBTC Announces Support for Bitcoin Unlimited

Avatar Gautham 3 years ago

Bitcoin Unlimited, the fork of Bitcoin blockchain is receiving a lot of support lately. Soon after mining pool announced its support to Bitcoin Unlimited, another mining pool, ViaBTC has followed suit.

ViaBTC, which claimed itself to be the fifth largest Bitcoin mining pool on Twitter recently has allocated its full hashing power to mine Bitcoin Unlimited blocks. The mining pool, launched on June 5, 2016, has rapidly climbed through the ranks to be among the top mining pools on the Bitcoin network.

ViaBTC Twitter

Yesterday, ViaBTC mined its first 2MB Bitcoin Unlimited block before confirming its support to Bitcoin Unlimited on mainnet. According to recent statistics, ViaBTC currently accounts for over 10% of the total hash rate on the Bitcoin Network. This puts the mining pool in 4th position following AntPool at 17%, F2Pool at 15% and BTCC Pool at 12% respectively. BW.Com with a hash rate distribution of 9% currently stands in 5th position, after ViaBTC.

bitcoin hashrate

ViaBTC is the brainchild of Haiyang who previously worked with Tencent. He is popularly known as the “Die-hard fan of Bitcoin” among his peers. The total number of Bitcoin Unlimited blocks mined are currently distributed between ViaBTC,, and SlushPool mining pools.

bitcoin unlimited

ViaBTC’s contribution to Bitcoin Unlimited has led to an increase in the average number of blocks mined in the past two days. The contribution in the recent days has had a significant impact on the network. The number of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes have now crossed the previous threshold of 240 and is expected to reach 300 in the coming days.

BItcoin Unlimited blocks mining pool had initially chosen Bitcoin Classic over Bitcoin Unlimited on its testnet, only to switch back to the former during the launch of its mainnet. There are still few compatibility issues between bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Classic, especially when it comes to BIP109 support. Whether these difference will be solved, is yet to be seen.

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For those who believe that Bitcoin Unlimited is the only way forward, the future currently looks bright.

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