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OpenBazaar Releases its Latest Feature Rich Update

Avatar Gautham 3 years ago

OpenBazaar, the decentralized marketplace built using blockchain technology has launched its latest version. The launch of OpenBazaar version 1.1.8 was announced earlier today on the platform’s official blog.

According to the blog post, the latest update has lots of new features for the benefit of vendors on the platform. The new version also features few code improvements and bug fixes. A long list of changes made to the platform in its latest release includes a significant amount of changes to the listing feature.

The new pinned listings feature allows vendors to always display selected products on the top. With no maximum limit for pinned listing, merchants can now choose to display the latest, best-selling or discounted products on the shopfront. Similarly, if the vendor doesn’t want to sell or display any of the products, he/she can simply hide that particular product. This saves the vendor from deleting and recreating the listing for products that are temporarily out of stock. The same hidden listing feature can also be used to offer exclusive products to select customers.

The new version of OpenBazaar also allows vendors to set the maximum quantity of products buyers can add to their carts. OpenBazaar says that the feature will enable merchants to manage their inventory more efficiently.

Other improvements to the OpenBazaar platform includes efficient management of addresses, allowing users to set and change the default addresses. The minimum required information in the address field is reduced to include just the name and country.  Even the avatar of users on OpenBazaar can be altered on the platform itself. Users can change the orientation of their image with just one click. Also, all mentions of the vendors and buyers, especially on dispute resolution window will now be accompanied by their respective avatars.

OpenBazaar shipping section has also undergone some changes along with optimizations to page rendering on various browsers, last viewed data, tag lengths, and chat messages.

OpenBazaar is constantly evolving by improving the user interface and experience. Since its early days, the platform has come a long way and that day is not far when it attains mainstream adoption and gets listed alongside other e-commerce platforms.

 Ref: Blog | Image: NewsBTC
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