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Unocoin – An Indian-based Bitcoin Exchange and Payment Gateway

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Unocoin is India’s most popular Bitcoin Company. Unocoin started as a platform to buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins in India. The company later expanded and started offering a mobile phone recharge service (airtime) through bitcoins. After that, Unocoin developed a unique Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to help the users to buy bitcoins by averaging out the cost. This reduced the risk of investing big amounts.

Now, Unocoin offers merchants a payment gateway as well. With this, Unocoin plans to offer many advantages to merchants and other payment receivers to accept bitcoin on their websites.

Unocoin co-founder and CEO, Sathvik Vishwanath.

“We started from my small hometown called Tumkur near Bangalore and our goal from the beginning was to make it easy to get bitcoin in India. A few years later, we are now headquartered in Bangalore with 30+ employees, serving more than 100,000+ customers across the country and growing exponentially. Given our steep growth rate, we’re looking to serve millions more in the coming years.”

Unocoin offers the availability to create offline paper wallets. This includes a public and private key pair that you can print need to store safely. The addresses are generated using the client side javascript. This means that our servers would be unaware of the address your browser generates for you.

At Unocoin users can choose to enable or disable receiving email notifications regarding activity on their account. It´s possible to enable notifications for deposits, withdrawals or even for purchase and sale of bitcoin on your Unocoin account.

Unocoin charges a fee of 1% to buy or sell bitcoins. With a significant transaction volume on your account, the transaction fee drops to 0.7%. A government levied Service Tax of 14.50% charged on the transaction fee.

There is a network fee of 0.0002 incurred by Unocoin when you send Bitcoin to an external bitcoin address. When you send bitcoins to an email-id or another Unocoin user, there is no fee. There is no fee for receiving bitcoins on your Unocoin wallet. This means that there will be no deduction in the bitcoins that are paid to you. Unocoin also doesn´t charge fees to store your bitcoins on a wallet.

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