Ransomware Q3 2016
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Number of Ransomware Attacks More Than Doubled In Q3 2016

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Every time a report related to ransomware is published, there is a growing reason for concern. Although the public knows about this threat, the number of attacks continues to increase. In fact, a new Kaspersky Labs report indicates things are starting to get out hand rather quickly. In Q3 of 2016, there have been 3.5 times as many ransomware modifications as before.

Criminals seem to be enjoying themselves when it comes to distributing malware on a large scale. Between July and September of 2016, there have been more than twice the number of ransomware attacks. Additionally, criminals are modifying existing malware strains and packing them with new features at an alarming rate. Among the prime targets for this malicious software are browser and Android users.

Ransomware Remains A Booming Business

What is rather intriguing is how criminals are suddenly attacking new countries as well. While the Western world remains a very prominent target, malware threats are showing up all over the world. Mainly Croatia, Bulgaria, and South Korea are newcomers in the ransomware-attacked countries list. For now, it remains unclear why this shift is taking place, to begin with.

As one would come to expect, specific types of ransomware will always remain popular. Even though security researchers can decrypt some modern malware versions, there is still a long way to go. The Kaspersky Labs report indicates CTB-Locker, Locky, and CryptXXX remain three of the most popular ransomware types. This comes as somewhat of a surprise, considering all of the media attention these three malware types have gotten as of late.

To put this news into numbers, the statistics are not looking positive. Nearly 1.2 million money-stealing malware incidents were discovered in Q3 of 2016. Additionally, over 821,000 unique device crypto ransomware attacks were successfully blocked. On the mobile side of things, there were over 1.5 million malicious installation packages during these three months.

It is worrisome to learn various types of trojan ransomware can be found in the Google Play Store. As one would expect, this malware emulated apps offering all kinds of useful device features. Right now, the majority of mobile ransomware can be found in apps cleaning up data, speeding up devices, and some antivirus protection tools. Things are not looking all that great, yet it is likely this is only the beginning of what is yet to come.

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