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Classic gambling game from casino live – NetEnt French

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It is considered that just French roulette is a prototype of all others types of this game. It is very popular today too. That’s why you can see it in almost every casino. You can play it also in casino live.

Swedish Net Entertainment Company has created advanced French live roulette for these clubs. It is differed by maximum comfortable interface, beautiful 3D graphics and intuitively clear control panel with great variety of user’s settings.

The features of live roulette and types of the bets

The classic rules are accepted in the NetEnt French live roulette. The roulette wheel is divided to 37 sectors: red and black numbers from 1 to 36 and green zero. The text on the live roulette table is typed traditional on French. But developers have also translated it to English for user’s comfort. Besides, it is necessary to say that in this live roulette type of the game En Prison and La Partage rules don’t work.

Your task is to predict where live roulette ball will stop. According to your assumption you put your chips to the certain sector of the game table. There are external, internal and even the oral bets in this casino live game.

First types of the bets are made to the one or several certain numbers. Second type of the bets is made to the group of numbers which are united by the certain attributes. Oral bets are presented only in this type of NetEnt French live roulette game. There are no such bets in the land based casinos. Special track with numbers is used for these purposes.

The Features of Interface in NetEnt French Live roulette

Developers have added to this game some additional buttons which help to gamblers analyze the situation and make bets faster. So, you can double or cancel your bet, hide all chips from a roulette table, open the track, payments table or the window of statistics now. Besides, in the top right corner of the display there are tables with so-called “hot” and “cold” numbers which help you to make bets very fast.

In addition, there is an automatic mode in NetEnt French live roulette game. In this mode you can switch on all necessary settings for your game in casino live. For example, number of game’s sets or bankroll size which will stop the game if it will be exceeded.

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