Dragon’s Tale – Play Exotic variety Poker in Chinese Tea Set Game

Guest Author | November 8, 2016 | 1:35 am
dragon's tale

Dragon’s Tale – Play Exotic variety Poker in Chinese Tea Set Game

Guest Author | November 8, 2016 | 1:35 am

Dragon’s Tale is one of the most popular Bitcoin Casinos around. The site offers a wide variety of exotic casino games in a 3D virtual world where players will also have the chance to role-play.

Dragon’s Tale lets players go around finding a lot of exquisite casino-based games which they can only find in this magnificent virtual world. One of these amazing casino-based mini-games is the Chinese Tea set. This game is a player versus player game, so you can even play the Chinese Tea Set with your friends. The game is played with two players standing on opposite sides of the table, and selecting each other to challenge.

In this game, you have to get the highest value ‘hand/tea set’ out of all the unfolded players, at the end of the round. The ‘hands’ are different colored teas. At first, you can see only the values in your own hand/table of teas, but as the game goes on you may be able to see others.

On your turn, you may lock a table of teas, preventing it from being stolen, but also revealing it to other players. Do this with tables you want to keep. Or you may switch one of your own tables with one of another player, in an attempt to improve your own hand/tea set. You may also raise during your turn. If you win the round, you win all the Bitcoin in the Teapot.

The Chinese Tea Set is an exotic variety of Poker, so all you have to do is deduce your opponent’s tea set in this poker-like information-swapping game.

Sign into Dragon’s Tale right now and become part of one of the most active gambling communities in the world of Bitcoin gambling.

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