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Donald Trump Victory Sparks Interest In Services

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

Donald Trump winning the 2016 US Presidential elections has many different consequences. As some experts predicted, the victory is positive for Bitcoin adoption growth., one of the largest wallet providers in cryptocurrency, has noted significant growth over the past week.  In fact, November 2016 is the biggest month in the company’s history to date.

Americans are still semi-upset about the Donald Trump victory. Mainstream media continues to be dominated by this “unfair outcome”, and how “World War III is about to begin”. But for all of the negativity, there are positive notes to take into account as well. Interestingly enough, Trump is driving good business to the Bitcoin wallet.

Economic instability is a real threat to consumer sin every country around the world. Hedging against a volatile future is not easy, yet Bitcoin presents an excellent way to do so. Holding on to fit currencies, including the Pound Sterling or US Dollar, is not the best course of action right now.

Spectacular Growth For

Whether or not this explains the surge in user growth for, remains anybody’s guess. What we do know is how CEO Peter Smith stated November is the best month in history for the company.  In fact, the company is setting “new records nearly every day” since Trump won the election.

No specific numbers were provided to us at this time, but Smith indicated “millions upon millions” are accessing the service. That is positive news, as it shows there is a genuine interest in Bitcoin. has a desktop and mobile wallet available, which undoubtedly attributes to their current success.

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith went on by saying:

“One of the things that’s been different about our product for a long time is you’re not depositing your bitcoin with us, you’re just getting the infrastructure that lets you manage your own private key. The trade off their historically has been if you have a wallet like that you can’t buy and sell the bitcoin from that wallet. What’s more exciting from an industry perspective is at the moment if you buy bitcoin, it’s kind of like a 2 to 3 day experience. You buy them and 2-5 days later you actually get them. It’s a little weird. What’s really exciting about this product if you get the bitcoin instantly, you pay for them and about 5-6 later you get them.”

A new feature will be coming to the wallet service shortly. Thanks to a partnership with Coinify, new capabilities will be introduced. UK users can access this new service as of today, and the euro zone should have access to it by the end of November. Expansion to the US and Latin America is scheduled for Q1 of 2017.

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