vDice – Introducing a Fully Decentralised Gambling Platform

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vDice is the world’s 1st live, Fully Decentralized Gambling Platform using the Ethereum and Blockchain Technology.  vDice is the leading blockchain-based betting game for the Ethereum network. The site went live on June 13th, 2016. It has processed almost 10,000 bets to-date. It is a classic ‘SatoshiDICE-style’ betting game, implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract (Dapp), and exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

vDice.io is the first platform to introduce Ether Gambling; it is also the first fully Decentralised Betting game, for the world’s first programmable P2P network. vDice.io is a Classic SatoshiDICE clone implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract. The platform is a blockchain based gambling dapp, processing bets through an Oracle.

vDice also offers great returns.  The House-Edge can vary from 1.9% to 0.5% and the game return estimated game return of 1.4%. This 1.4% is split between investors based on their investment % share of a contract. It’s done automatically. You can also divest at any time. Divesting incurs a 1% fee. You can invest in any number of contracts you like.

vDice Crowdsale

The Crowdsale Smart Contract is fully decentralised. That is, the sending of Ether (ETH) to the Token Smart Contract will result in the immediate, and decentralised, issuance of the contributors vSlice tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The objective of the Crowdsale is the native token of the vDice game called; ‘vSlice’. This token is tied directly to the profits of the vDice game. Holders of vSlice tokens receive a share of vDice profit, proportional to the amount of tokens held, in a fair and transparent way.

People can participate in the Crowdsale using both BTC and ETH. The issuance will last 4 weeks, starting November 15th, 2016 and ending December 15th, 2016. The ‘vSlice’ token Smart Contract will be deployed and people who contribute will receive 1:100 for each Ether (ETH) they send, for the 1-month of the issuance. So, for example, 100 ETH will get 10,000 vSlice tokens.

There will be an “early-bird” special. The Smart Contract exists with an initial token supply of 60M tokens. That is, 60M tokens will be available and distributed before the dates, through Crowdsale partners, open to any and all who wish to participate through those partners.


vDice.io is a nice place to visit and look at the pretty Ethereum gambling games. vDice.io is the future of internet gambling. It’s fully decentralised gambling that lives in the Ether. vDive is the most innovative and trusted gambling environment ever built. Come and join vDice right now!

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