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Ross Ulbricht Retrial

Free Ross-A-Thon on December 4 to Support Ulbricht’s Appeal

Avatar Gautham 3 years ago

The cryptocurrency community is still trying its best to stand behind one of their own. Ross Ulbricht, better known within the cryptocurrency and deep web circles as Dread Pirate Roberts was the person behind one of the most successful deep web marketplaces — Silk Road. Ross Ulbricht was arrested for his role in promoting the sale of illegal drugs on the platform.

With Ross Ulbricht currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole following questionable court proceedings, an online conference has been organized to express support in his defense and against the harsh punishment. The Free Ross-A-Thon has been scheduled for December 4, 2016, when over 30 public figures will be rallying their support for Ross. The show of support comes as Ross Ulbricht appeals his conviction and sentence in the Second Circuit court.

The Free Ross-A-Thon online conference is expected to go on for about 8 hours and will be live streamed. The organizers will also be raising funds for the Free Ross movement during this event. According to a press release, the speakers during the Free Ross-A-Thon will include activists, economists, policy analysts, historians, best-selling authors, musicians, documentarians and family members. So far the press release mentions Jesse Ventura — former governor of Minnesota and best-selling author, Doug Casey — renowned investment advisor, Alex Winter— filmmaker, Tom Woods — political commenter and Roger Ver — Bitcoin entrepreneur to be among the speakers/attendees.

The sentencing of Ross Ulbricht has been equated to the political sentence allegedly awarded to dissenters and activists in the Soviet Union.  The event will also see the speakers commenting on the drug war, issues related to the criminal justice system, privacy and freedom issues and more.

Organizers of Free Ross-A-Thon look forward to raising at least $14000 to cover the costs of printing and binding Ulbricht’s appeal documents. The total cost of the whole legal process is expected to be much higher.

Ref: Press Release | Image: Shutterstock
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