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eGifter Sells Uber Gift Cards For Bitcoin With 2% Cashback

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Bitcoin users would like nothing more than to pay popular mainstream services with cryptocurrency. Uber is one of the top companies that should accept bitcoin in the future, even though they are not inclined to do so. For now, an intermediate solution is available. eGifter announced they are now selling Uber gift cards for usage in the United States.

On paper, it would make a lot of sense if Uber started accepting Bitcoin payments. The ride-sharing application offers a distributed network of drivers, with mobile payment options to boot. Add a decentralized global payment method to that list – with low fees – and the company could become an even bigger hit than it is today.

Unfortunately, it will take some time until Uber even considers Bitcoin. In fact, they may never accept cryptocurrency, to begin with, as long as their existing payment options generate enough revenue. But with the help of eGifter, it is now possible to use Bitcoin as an Uber payment method. Indirectly, of course, but it is still a viable option.

Uber Gift Cards Have Arrived on Egifter

eGifter announced the addition of Uber gift cards to their growing list of products. This addition gives Bitcoin users an option to pay for Uber rides to any city in the United States. Gift card balances start at US$15 and can scale up all the way to US$500. These gift cards have no expiration date and require no additional fees to be used.

Some people may be disappointed these gift cards only work within the US. That is only normal, as Uber recently launched this service in the US only. However, the company plans to expand this offering to other regions in the coming months. Whether or not eGifter will offer these cards for other regions when they become available, remains unknown at this time.

Taxi companies may have a leg up over Uber when it comes to accepting Bitcoin payments. Various cab companies do so already, to regain their top position in the market. For consumers and enterprises, cheap payment options with a global appeal will always work best. Bitcoin provides that opportunity, without the 2-5% surcharge of accepting card payments.

To make the eGifter offering even better, customers will receive a 2% cashback on every gift card purchase. This makes it even more appealing to use Bitcoin for car-sharing rides. Although Bitcoin may not appeal to the masses just yet, cashback options like these may sway some people’s minds over time.

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