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Dragon’s Tale – Play the Dancing Fountain and Earn Bitcoin

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Dragon’s Tale is one of those gambling sites that you just don´t forget. Unlike any other regular Bitcoin casino, in Dragon’s Tale, players will be gambling on a 3D virtual environment where they can bet on almost anything. Yes, that’s it. In Dragon’s Tale players are allowed to bet on practically everything that is part of the virtual environment.

Dragon’s Tale was the first Bitcoin casino to turn the table. The site introduced something new to the gambling industry. By bringing role-play gaming and gambling together the site was able to offer an alternative to casino users.

In the Dragon’s Tale world players will find several simple and unique casino-based games where they can have lots of fun. One of these games is the Dancing Fountain. In this simple game, all players need to do is to manage the water repellents so that they completely synchronized into the most beautiful water dance.

So, take on the role of a master plumber, as you fine-tune the mechanisms of choreographed fountains. There are several of them throughout the islands in the game. The Dancing Fountain is a game of luck, so you won’t have many chances of applying a strategy that will hold. Try to experiment with different strategies and you might get the biggest pot.

Come along and spend some time exploring Dragon’s Tale. Visit the site and register for an account right now. Dragon’s Tale is 100% guaranteed fun.

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