Dragon’s Tale – Call the Birds of Prey and Get some Bitcoins

Guest Author | November 30, 2016 | 10:58 pm
dragons tale

Dragon’s Tale – Call the Birds of Prey and Get some Bitcoins

Guest Author | November 30, 2016 | 10:58 pm

Dragon’s Tale is the place where you can find the most awkward game in the Bitcoin Gambling industry. It is a gambling site that unites role-play gaming with gambling and where players can enroll a fantastic adventure as well as enjoy the best and most original casino games ever.

Actually, Dragon’s Tale is the most original and innovative Casino in the Bitcoin gambling Industry and since 2012, the site has been introducing the most exotic casino based games the world has ever seen.

One of these casino-based mini-games is the Griffin Whisperer. In this game, all you need to do is to gather the biggest number of birds around your avatar. To do this you will have to bet for each time you do the calling.

For every bet, you will be able to call the Griffin Whisperer for 5 times. For this game, there are 5 species of birds, including Crane, Loon, Flamingo, Owl and Eagle. And they are defined to 2 types. Eagle and owls are Birds of Prey. Crane, Loon and flamingo are Waterfowl. And every time you call the whisperer, you may summon some birds or drive away some. After calling it for 5 times, the game will end and you will get your reward according to the game charts. Types of birds will also be paid according to, the number of birds you summon, the number of birds of prey and the number of any other birds.

The Griffin Whisperer is just one of the many fantastic games you can find in Dragon’s Tale. If you haven´t still opened your account, just visit the site register your account and start playing in the coolest Bitcoin casino around.

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