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vDice – Gambling on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Today, the Bitcoin gambling industry has one of the most competitive market environments in the ecosystem. From a few Bitcoin gambling sites back in 2012, the Bitcoin gambling industry has grown into an industry that has now hundreds of Bitcoin gambling sites and is still showing signs of growth. However, the industry needs to have some innovation and new developments introducing new options so that the industry can reinvent itself.

Following this proposition, we can mention the amazing work of vDice. vDice is the first casino that was able to develop a completely trusted platform by using the ethereum Blockchain technology. vDice.io owns itself, it is an autonomous entity, executing as code on the Ethereum p2p network. It lives in the ‘Ether’; in the realm of ideas and magic. For now, the gambling site is only offering traditional dice gambling over the blockchain, but after crowdsale, the site developers have a lot of plans on their way.

vDice will also offer an amazing set of contracts. Each contract on vDice.io is, really, its own game. Each contract represents its own investment opportunity. Maybe you’d like to invest Ether in one of the contracts (games.

We recommend playing vDice.io with Jaxx wallet. Specifically, the browser extension. You can download and setup the Jaxx wallet of your choice, then load some Ether into it. With the Jaxx browser wallet, the betting addresses will appear, as a list, in your wallet. Otherwise, you’ll need to copy and paste the address. It makes for the most fun vDice.io experience. Since it doesn´t require blockchain sync, It’s fun, super-fast and user-friendly. And by using this method vDice doesn’t need to hold your funds.

If you have some Ether to spend and have a special taste for playing dice, vDice is might be the right place for you!

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