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At, Celebrate with Cigars to Mint Bitcoin Rewards

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Sometimes it is good to indulge your senses a little, at least in the virtual world if not in the real one., the popular Bitcoin-based MMORPG casino platform, rewards you to relax a little. Whenever a player’s virtual avatar goes to a bar and buys a cigar from humidor, s/he get to earn Bitcoin rewards out of the cigar smoke.

So when a player decides to celebrate a jackpot win or for some other reason with cigar in, s/he further opens up avenues to win more money as both the player and the people standing around can make Bitcoin from the ‘whiffs’ of the cigar smoke.

What makes this feature of the game even more unique is the amount of Bitcoin one earns from the smoke – depending on the quality of the cigar. The more expensive the cigar is, the higher the amount one wins from whiffs.

The option to earn money passively by standing near the person smoking a cigar is an interesting feature, as it gives the players an opportunity to win more even without betting an equivalent amount of Bitcoin.

There is a wide array of cigars offered and as the quality increases, the chances to win money from cigar ‘whiffs’ get higher.

What by far is the most unique characteristic of is that it offers its players a 1-in-50 chance to win a real cigar. has introduced four new types of cigar which can win you a real life cigar that will be shipped to you via mail. Though the casino offers a return of 95% on regular cigars, these cigars have only 93% return. The reason being, that they are only bonus cigars. So, all the cigar lovers can earn money while getting a chance to win a real life one! owes its popularity to the myriad unique features and games it offers. The diversity of the games not just entertains but also profit the players. It offers many other games like Cigar Smoking with their own unique set of features. If you’re interested in knowing more about them, please go through this link.

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