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Bitcoin Core Has More Contributors Than Developers, And That’s OK

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

It is not overly difficult to come across a controversial topic in the Bitcoin world these days. A new Reddit discussion erupted over the number of people actively contributing to Bitcoin Core development. The team claims roughly 100 people are involved, yet only 30 made actual commits last month. But does it even matter in the end, as long as there is progress?

It has become apparent the Bitcoin community sometimes nitpicks about the strangest things. Granted, Bitcoin Core claiming to have 100 active contributors, while only 30 of them making GitHub commits, seems a bit strange. To make matters more confusing, a lot of contributions had nothing to do with code changes.

That being said, progress continues to be made by the few full-time developers Bitcoin Core has. Segregated Witness is signaling for activation on the network, which is a significant event. Although it remains to been if and when this solution will be activated, the work is a direct result of people contributing to Core.

Only Contributions To Bitcoin Core Matter

The /r/BTC community seems rather troubled by the lack of contribution to Bitcoin Core recently. While opinions are always different on whether or not those things are “trivial” matters, it is clear something is not adding up. But the bigger question is whether or not the numbers matter, as long as progression is made.

There is a difference between being a contributor and an actual developer. It is true Bitcoin Core has far more contributors than developers. After all, most people working on the code have a full-time job, and can only commit free time to Bitcoin. On the other hand, some developers do this job full-time. Bt that does not make either party more or less important to the ecosystem.

Additionally, having more developers does not make things go any faster by default. It is true more developers will attribute to new solutions. Implementation of new concepts still requires a lot of time and testing, though. Even with more devs, that process can’t be sped up all that much.

All things considered, the lines between contributor and developer seem to blur, depending on who is leading the conversation. Bitcoin Core can always use more people working on the code and other aspects. Whether it is a 100, a dozen, or just three people contributing, no one’s prohibiting anyone from jumping in.

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