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Bitcoin Is Becoming A Favorite Long-term Investment Option

Many people tout bitcoin as a way to hedge against future financial instability. In most cases, that is considered to be solid advice. Interestingly enough a bullion-related website has a poll discussing various alternative investment options. It is evident bitcoin is the clear leader in this regard, which is not entirely surprising.

For quite some time now, investors have been looking for alternative ways to make money. Buying and trading stocks or foreign currencies have become a rather risky endeavor as of late. With little room to make a profit quickly, alternative solutions need to be created. Bitcoin provides an intriguing alternative, although not everyone may consider it to be  a viable investment option right now.

A new poll on a bullion-related website seems to think different, though. Bonds are the least popular option for investment money for over ten years. That is anything but surprising, as bonds do not provide any significant returns as of right now it is doubtful that situation will change anytime soon either. Investors have been pulling money out of bonds for some time now and will continue to do so over time.

Bitcoin is A Long-term Investment

Interestingly enough, cash investments are quite popular. In fact, cash investments are more popular than gold, other precious metals, and the stock market. It is evident the focus of investors is changing towards long-term investment opportunities with at least some potential. Cash investments may not be the best way to go, though. Savings accounts result in more costs than earnings as of late, depending on which region one lives in.

Real estate remains one of the more popular choices for investors all over the world. Owning a property is one of the few assets that will not result in immediate financial losses. In fact, over the course of ten years, real estate has tremendous profit potential. It is nowhere near the potential bitcoin has, though, but it is still a viable alternative for a lot of people. That is until all governments curb capital outflows for large transactions.

The world of investing is changing, which is both a blessing and a curse. For the banking sector, this is anything but good news right now. There is a lot of confidence in the future of bitcoin, but only time will tell if this feeling is justified.

Gavin Smith, the CEO of UK-based First Global Credit, confirms the progress of Bitcoin market. His company, which exclusively allows investors to participate in international stock markets using bitcoin as collateral, has noticed a significant progress over the past year in the development of the bitcoin capital market.

“This is a necessary step towards the mainstream as it gives people a reason to hold their bitcoin position rather than leaping out of bitcoin at every dip in the market price,” says Smith, adding that the decrease market volatility is creating a positive cycle of more acceptance by the mainstream.

“More mainstream acceptance, means more participants and a price increase trend. This has resulted in bitcoin taking its place as part of long term investment portfolios which will be balanced to meet the needs of the individual investor.”

It is good to see growing support for cryptocurrency as a long-term investment. Up until now, most people saw bitcoin as a way to get rich quick. Luckily, that situation is changing for the better.

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