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In a day and age where the markets are flooded with online gaming platforms, the recently launched sets itself apart from all its contemporaries with its phenomenal customer experience and a regard for customer privacy.

The US casino operates strictly in Bitcoin for its various advantages including the safety benefits offered by the use of bitcoins at online casinos.

The security systems employed by are aggressive and thorough. They believe that protecting the privacy of their players is the cornerstone of their business model. They further add, “Our privacy protocols are in compliance with the best standards in the industry. We also maintain a rigorous safeguard system that protects your private data and personal information at all times.”

Identity theft is the most common safety concern that plagues online casinos and can destroy lives. Some websites are designed to steal credit card information, and you can’t necessarily trust every online casino or storefront that you come across. Therefore, the use of bitcoins solves the concern of identity theft as it allows you to exchange funds without directly revealing your identity.

Even when dealing with Bitcoin, employs complete care and meticulously isolates all of your bitcoins in a separate, offline system. This avoids any interaction with any Internet connection, which again prevents the most common forms of data theft.

The offline wallets used are encrypted with the highest standards used by banking institutions and government entities.

Further, the correspondence systems of are also all encrypted to ensure customer protection. This encryption protocol is designed to maintain the safety of all of the communications that take place between the customer browser and the website.

Bitcoin also cancels any possibility of a security breach during money transactions. Bitcoin exchange features the same encryption process used to protect government transactions. Therefore, not only decreasing radically any chances of identity theft, but also keeping your money from being stolen.

In conclusion, when gambling online, one has to be alert and choose the platform that has a reputation for being safe and customer centric. checks all the blanks in this checklist as it is the most trusted bitcoin games casino in the United States. So, in case you want to check them out, do visit

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