Qtum Releases Source Announces Blockchain Mobile Contracts & IoT

JP Buntinx | March 14, 2017 | 6:25 pm

Qtum Releases Source Announces Blockchain Mobile Contracts & IoT

JP Buntinx | March 14, 2017 | 6:25 pm

The Qtum team unveiled the first source code snapshot on GitHub earlier today. This marks quite a significant milestone for this smart contract-oriented project, as it gives the whole world a peek at what the future will hold. Developing an open-source blockchains tack for legacy business use cases is a massive undertaking, and the Qtum Foundation wants to be as transparent about this project as possible.

Ever since Qtum announced their plans, the cryptocurrency community has been buzzing with excitement. A lot of developers and coding enthusiasts requested to see the source code. The Qtum Foundation takes these requests very seriously and decided to unveil a source code snapshot for public review. Unlike other projects, which tend to keep their source code under wraps, the Qtum Foundation welcomes public review and any feedback community members are willing to provide.

The full source code for the Qtum project will be disclosed on GitHub in Q2 2017. This date also marks the launch of the Qtum testnet. Once this source code is revealed, the whole world will gain valuable insights into the code history and all git commits by the developers. It is good to see this team embrace transparency and public review, as that will help legitimize this project as a whole.

Blockchain Platform for Mobile Smart Contracts

In other Qtum news, the team also announced smart contracts and Dapps on the platform will function on mobile and IoT devices. Go Mobile, as the strategy is called, is designed to prepare blockchain technology for the mobile space. Considering how Qtum allows smart contracts use without requiring specialized software, it makes a lot of sense to extend this functionality to mobile and IoT devices moving forward.  More details can be found in the organization’s whitepaper. In the video below this article, interested parties can see a smart contract operating on an Android phone.

Qtum co-founder Patrick Dai stated:

“Making smart contracts work on smartphones and tablets heralds a new age in the field of decentralized computation. With about half of all internet traffic being generated by mobile devices, every real-world use case for decentralized applications would massively benefit from mobile support – especially if we’re taking the tendencies of developing markets into account.”

Additionally, the Qtum blockchain token crowdsale will commence on March 16. Six cryptocurrency exchanges will facilitate the crowdsale, which is an industry first. It is evident there is a lot of anticipation associated with Qtum. Moreover, some of the industry’s most prominent figures are backing Qtum at an early stage, indicating there is plenty of reason for optimism.



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