MobileGo to Focus on Mobile Gaming Market

MobileGo is a new Ethereum ERC 20 token that is being created to allow for smart contract technology and development within the Gamecredits Mobile Store.

GameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. The company has created the first crypto mobile gaming store. The Gamecredits Mobile Store is an android application that will host thousands of mainstream mobile games from across the world. The store will accept Gamecredits (GAME), an open source POW cryptocurrency, as its primary payment and transaction currency.

MobileGo will be focusing on the mobile gaming market as it is by far the fastest growing gaming market in the world. The gamification of the GameCredits Mobile store will be centered on MobileGo.

Further, MobileGo token will help in the development of decentralized smart contract technological solutions for the gaming industry. MobileGo will function as the smart contract token required by GameCredits for the creation of these solutions within their mobile application.

The current roadmap of GameCredits will focus on three MobileGo development solutions:
1. A decentralized virtual marketplace
2. Decentralized tournament functionality
3. Decentralized gamer to gamer match play

MobileGo will further function as the transaction token for the decentralized marketplace of GameCredits. Their decentralized solution will use smart contracts to allow gamers to buy/sell/trade in-game content without having to leave their application and without the fear of fraud or manipulation.

GameCredits also plans to develop a tournament system from which gamers will be able to create their own tournaments and prizes in which to participate. These tournaments will be based on smart contracts using the MobileGo token.

Moreover, the solutions by GameCredits are to be hosted within the game store application. This means that players will not have to play a game somewhere and then go to a separate application to participate in matches and tournaments. This will allow GameCredits to fully leverage the traffic to their application.

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