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Charlie Shrem Onboard with Creditbit

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

Creditbit has been making all the right noise in the cryptocurrency space and has managed to attract the attention from the cryptocurrency experts and investors alike. The cryptocurrency has found a new supporter in Charlie Shrem.

Charlie Shrem needs no introduction to crypto enthusiasts. He is a Bitcoin pioneer and advocate, and his twitter bio describes him as a crusader for a free, tech-driven society. Charlie Shrem is also the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and, an investor, writer and speaker.

Chrlie Shrem recently tweeted his support for Creditbit publicly, following his meeting with the project’s CEO at a conference in Munich. It speaks volumes about the future of the project when a pioneer in the field seems genuinely interested in a new project, and feels compelled to actively invest in it.

Creditbit is now an Ethereum ERC 20 compliant token following its successful migration. The success of migration has led to a lot of interest in Creditbit from the industry. Charlie’s tweet also acknowledged his interest in the migration. Moreover, the series of positive developments happening in quick succession for the crypto not only has positively affected the price but also the adoption rate. Following the recent price appreciation and consolidation of Creditbit, it is normal for the experts to take notice of the one of the more valuable and promising cryptocurrencies in existence right now.

Given his reputation, it can be argued that Charlie Shrem would never back a project without a solid foundation or with a dubious future. This piece of information is definitely positive for the Creditbit community and only further validates their trust in the cryptocurrency.

It can be speculated that the support from a pioneer like Charlie Shrem will help the crypto further to gain trust, adopters and in all probability will lead to a price rise for it. Therefore, the news bodes well for the community.

Creditbit community is one of the most active communities and is truly supportive of the project. One can easily fathom the community’s excitement over the new developments on Bitcoin Talk over the upcoming developments including addition of new exchanges, new support, CreditGAME etc.

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