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Portfolio App Stockfolio Adds Bitcoin & Altcoin Price Support

Avatar newsbtc 2 years ago

It is evident mainstream traders are paying more attention to cryptocurrency. Not only are they looking at bitcoin and altcoin prices, but app developers are doing so as well. Stockfolio, a rather popular app among mainstream traders, added bitcoin price support. Additionally, they now also list some of the top altcoins. An interesting decision that may bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

Every time a major app adds cryptocurrency support, there is cause for celebration A lot of people on the planet remain unaware of bitcoin and altcoins. In some cases, that is due to sheer ignorance. On the other hand, there is very little mainstream attention for cryptocurrency as a whole. It is up to individual trading apps to change all of that.

A Bold Move By The Stockfolio Team

Stockfolio, an application exclusively available on OSX, has done exactly that. Users who update their client will now have access to cryptocurrency information as well. Keeping tabs on the Bitcoin price is now a possibility, as well as the value of prominent altcoins. It is interesting to see investment apps pay attention to cryptocurrency at this point in time.

One caveat is how the app costs US$11.99. That is a bit of a steep price for an investment application. Then again, major traders need apps like this to keep track of their stock portfolio. At this rate, bitcoin may become part of these portfolios as well. Diversification remains key, as always. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have become quite popular investment vehicles as of late as well.

As of right now, two altcoins are supported by Stockfolio. Both Ethereum and Litecoin prices are tracked in real-time. Moreover, there is also a built-in news feed for cryptocurrency news. All things considered, the Stockfolio app adds the necessary tools to keep tabs on cryptocurrency. Whether or not traders will invest in this market, remains to be seen.

It is good to see Apple approve these app updates related to cryptocurrency. The technology giant has a bit of a rocky history when it comes to bitcoin and altcoins. However, it appears the situation is slowly improving. It is not unlikely more financial apps will focus on cryptocurrency support in the future.

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