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PoSWallet Launches ICO For Wallet,Token Accepted By CoinPayments

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It appears as if things are shifting into a higher gear for PoSWallet right now. The native token of this platform has been added to CoinPayments. This is a major step in the right direction to make the coin more useful. Additionally, there is also a hardware wallet now. Plus, merchants accepting PoSW payments will get a free month of advertising on the wallet platform. A lot of exciting news to sift through, that much is certain.

The past few days have been quite exciting for PoSWallet and its team. The native PoSW token is now accepted as a payment method on CoinPayments. This means any merchant using this payment processor can enable PoSW payments. Do keep in mind this method will not be activated by default, though. It is unclear how many merchants will enable it, but there is another incentive to do so.

Every merchant accepting PoSW through CoinPayments will receive free advertising. To be more precise, their ads will show up in the PoSWallet environment. With over 40,000 users seeing these ads, this is a major marketing boost for any merchant. Reaching additional customers and free marketing in one package is quite intriguing. More importantly, it comes at no extra cost for merchants already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

There is more good news for PoSW as well. A new ICO market has been opened on the PoSWallet platform for a hardware wallet. This new venture is the result of a partnership with a reputable vendor in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet space. This is a custom designed and engraved physical wallet for PoSW tokens.

Moreover, it will support a few other currencies as well, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Stratis. Everyone who purchases one ICO token will receive one wallet in the future. Right now, there are still 964 tokens available for the price of 0.1 Bitcoin each. Make sure to purchase one token or more before they are gone, thought.

All things considered, things are evolving nicely for PoSWallet. It remains a popular online staking wallet for several dozen currencies.However, turning the token into a payment solution for CoinPayments merchants is quite significant. Plus, the hardware wallet gives community members something to look forward to. These are very exciting times for PoSWallet, that much is certain.

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