Blockpool Raises $100,000 on First Day of Crowdsale

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The Blockpool project is quite an interesting one. The team aims to support multiple business verticals and deliver B2B blockchain solutions. Now that the project’s crowdsale is underway, there is even more reason to get excited. So far, about 30% of the Token Exchange Campaign have been completed.

Blockpool Crowdsale is off to a Good Start

It is somewhat refreshing to see a blockchain-based project not aiming to raise millions of dollars through an ICO. Blockpool is doing things slightly differently by using a Token Exchange Campaign. The project supports a lot of different cryptocurrencies to let people buy tokens. To be more precise, a TEC Unit costs US$10. Users can pay for it by using their favorite cryptocurrency or token.

This particular token will serve as the backbone on which Blockpool operates. The token makes use of delegated proof of stake, which will help secure a digital token network. Moreover, it will promote distributed consensus without central parties. Everyone who buys this native token will invest in the future of B2B blockchain solutions.

The supply of available BPL tokens will be somewhat limited. The annual inflation will reduce every single year until it drops to 1% per annum. After that point, it will switch to a fixed block reward of 0.1 BPL per block. Users can pay for their BPL tokens by using digital currencies or credit card. On the cryptocurrency front, payments can be conducted through Shapeshift or CoinPayments.

At the time of writing, roughly 30% of the Crowdsale has been completed. Blockpool has raised US$106,194 in the process. It is evident a lot of people want to be part of what Blockpool has to offer. There is a growing demand for B2B blockchain service providers, that much is certain. The project will focus on many different business verticals, including finance, art distribution, copyright, and gaming applications.

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