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MinexCoin Paves Way Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption; ICO Launched

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MinexCoin has announced that its ICO (Initial Cryptocurrency Offering) has started on May 15th, 2017 (GMT) and will last 30 days. During the ICO, a total of 150,000 MinexCoins will be available.

The total amount of coins distributed during the ICO and the exchange rate will be calculated once the ICO gets over. 

A 50% bonus investment will be allocated to the investors in the first few days as MinexCoin aims to reward the those who show trust and invest their resources within the initial days of the ICO.

The ICO will be escrowed using a multi-signature wallet because of the firm’s priority to ensure safe investments for the contributors. Moreover, investors are provided with all the information regarding the team as well as the roadmap.

MinexCoin aims to create the first digital asset that will be used as a currency with the advantages of the blockchain technology and master the main drawback of a cryptocurrency that denies its mass adoption-  volatility. The growth of MinexCoin will be supported by the MinexEcosystem.

The MinexEcosysytem will also provide a broad range of services (digital asset creation, volatility control, trading…), and will be designed solely for the purpose of facilitating the coin’s wide adoption.

Further, it is pertinent to note that MinexCoin has already raised 1127 BTC with success through their first round (pre-ICO), prior to December 2016.

Boris Shulyaev, CEO of MinexCoin describes the crypto as the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is designed with the necessary features to act as a stable currency. He believes that the embedded vision as well as the entire ecosystem around it will pave the way for a new era of payment.

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