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CREDITBIT: The Perfect Crypto for Asian Markets

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 2 years ago

Asian markets are gaining prominence in the crypto currency economy as a result of the huge influence wielded by them and the importance they have come to enjoy in the industry. Asian countries lead in understanding of digital cash and its disruptive potential along with the unique features offered by it.

The popularity of digital currencies in South Asia can be proven for a fact as a continuous stream of news about new Asian blockchain consortiums or the amazing mining efforts by Chinese ‘cheap-energy-2-coin-conversion-farms’ and their choices for or against a certain scaling upgrade, makes its way in the world media.

The popularity of the digital cash in South Asia is not restricted to only China and Japan, but the digital currencies are seeing a spurt of growth in interest in countries like India and South Korea. Korean Central bank is one of the most outspoken when it comes to blockchain technology and the South Korean Won (KRW) can be spotted at the top when it comes to looking for ETH-pairs on platforms like CoinMarketCap.

This exceptional interest of South Asian countries in digital money makes it an important demographic for an aspiring and innovative Ethereum-chain based token like Creditbit (CRB). CreditBIT offers advanced smart contract options that go together well with the Asian life-style.

The CRB payment transactions are not just lightning fast but also cheap. Moreover, Creditbit offers all the ingredients to make it an easy, affordable and gratifying alt-coin for the South Asian market. The features offered include up to 12% annual bond reward on its Proof-of-Trust CreditBOND locking via its CreditDAO platform, and the upcoming JAXX wallet adoption.

Creditbit does not fall short in the way of offering entertainment as well. With CreditGAME players can anonymously compete in 1-to-1 games for their CreditBOND reward. Initially, two games will be available for P2P games, first Lotto and Minesweeper, but Jenga is already on the way and many more games will be added in the near future.

Creditbit is ‘the future of money’ and the when taking in consideration the public support for CRB which includes support from Bitcoin Foundation founding member Charlie Shrem, CRB-listings on even larger exchanges and the JAXX wallet adoption coming soon, CRB is still amazingly cheap.

CreditBIT is a smart, low-cost, swift and decentralized digital token. And because of the democratic character of CRB development and the CreditDAO and the possibilities of the Ethereum smart contract technology, CRB is much more than just another investment-hype for ‘not-so-smart money’.

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