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Avatar Jayanand Sagar 2 years ago

If you are an investor and looking for some novel yet lucrative investment platforms, you must buy OPL Tokens by OnPlace Inc. OnPlace Inc. is an investment platform based on blockchain, enabling investors to invest in private companies and participate in their equity crowdfunding activities. The USA based company helps individual investors to reduce the potential threats related to their investments. The company has recently announced its successful crowdfunding for existing and potential investors to provide them with a platform that is full of investment opportunities. In its last equity crowdfunding campaign in the United States, the company was able to raise 101 percent of the earmarked value and is now on its way to collaborate with more investors.

The Two Investment Platforms

For beginners, OnPlace comprises of two FinTech investment platforms; for private investments and for traditional equity crowdfunding.

The private investments are made via primary platform that focuses on exclusive private investments with high growth possibility. It stands out among others in a way that it provides protects the investor pool by due diligence and evaluation of all the private companies listed for investment.


  • Three biggest Markets are on-board!


The platform spans over three biggest markets; China, India and North America. After scanning the companies in these markets, the platform picks those offering the most lucrative investment opportunities. As soon the selected companies are listed on the platform, users at OnPlace start investing with as low as US$500 to initiate their investment portfolio. This is by far the least threshold among other similar platforms having minimum investment threshold as US$20,000 or more.

The Onplace Ecosystem makes the second platform, meant for traditional equity crowdfunding, occupying a market segment with considerably less competition. This platform is a valuable means for small businesses and entrepreneurs to raise money, and for investors to invest.

The Integration of Blockchain & Investment Strategy

For Onplace, the blockchain technology is the most efficient, fastest and easiest way to execute investments, since it offers speed with low fee structures.

The investment strategy of the company is based on a rating system to rank investment opportunities in terms of comparing their potential risks by core metrics of current value and fluctuations with time. The equity crowdfunding platform is based on commission system where 5 to 10 percent of raised amount is taken from the borrowers. Similarly, there are two commission slabs in investment platform.

The ICO is on it ways…

The ICO is to be announced soon, where cryptocurrency community members as well as investors will be able to buy OPL tokens against their ETH contribution. There are 10,000,000 OPL token at $0.30, to be sold, the raised funds against which, will be used to buy stocks in private companies, developing a well-hedged investment portfolio.


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