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Campoin’s ICO Starting on June 14, 2017

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Global investors and forex traders must tie a belt since the much awaited Compcoin’s ICO has started on June 14, 2017. Compcoin, a digital coin developed for investors and forex traders has come up with this ICO in the hope to raise $45 million. This raised funds will be used for the development of novel investor technologies, customer pitching and further growth of the platform.

Compcoin – Leveraging the Investment Portfolios

Compcoin is a new digital token based platform that focuses investments and acquisition of capital. The Compcoin can be used by investors as a tool to leverage their investment portfolio, along with gaining an access to ART, an automated, proprietary and algorithm trading platform, created by the Fintech Investment Group, Compcoin’s parent company.

Giving the Financial Growth…

The platform aims to be a trusted investment option for individual investors for achieving financial growth. The tools that this platform has been leveraging upon include technology, security, compliance, transparency and financial control.

Opened to all…

Investors will be able to access algorithm trading in $5 trillion a day foreign currency market. In the past, only elite investors and large scale fund managers, insurers, global banks and pension funds had an access to such technology. Now, in the shape of Compcoin, the similar, in fact much better trading and investment platform will be accessible to individual investors all around the world.

As per Alan Friedland, the founder of Compcoin & Fintech Investment Group, Compcoin has passed through eight years of rigorous testing, which has resulted in high expectations and high returns. Compcoin aims to generate handsome profits for investors in the open market. Being open to all, Compcoin is giving an access to highly desirable assets to individual investors also.

About the Compcoin’s ICO

Initially, 3 million coins are available in this crowdsale, at the unit price of $15. The first 700,000 coins are linked with 20 percent bonus. Since the Compcoin’s supply is limited, the value will increase for long-term investors, speculators and forex traders in the open market.

What do Investors Expect to get?

Apart from an access to ART, the investors will be enjoying the ability of Compcoin to reserve potentially increasing value, while removing the traditional account management fee that is used to be paid by retail forex traders to execute transactions. This fees can alternatively be paid to buy a digital asset that is tradable for profit in the long run.

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