DECENT Paves Way for a Transparent and Secure Online Data Distribution System

DECENT Network Crowdsale

The world of online publishing is in for an overhaul as the blockchain technology makes its way to it. DECENT Network, a digital content distribution platform, aims to reshape the online publishing industry. The platform, being based on Blockchain technology, is aiming to make the online publishing space more cost-effective, transparent and secure.

The platform had one of the most successful ICOs in history. With having raised ~5,881 bitcoins and generating around 38.5 million DCT tokens, and having acquired strategic partners like Fastweb and CoinMine, the platform appears to mean business.

DECENT will function as a platform for sharing media content without any third-party interference or any censorship. The registering process is simple like it is done for other websites, via email along with the option of connecting other social medias.

The open-source DECENT protocol will let the users create applications on top of it and make use of the advantages of decentralization without having to spend time and resources on building a new blockchain.

DECENT Network has already come up with the first application in order to demonstrate its functionalities and potential. The DECENT GO application, built on top of the DECENT Blockchain Network, allows content publishing and buying on a peer-to-peer principle.

The authors (content creators) will be able to upload their own content, assign it to a category, write a description of the content, choose its lifetime duration, and allocate its price. And all the users will be able to search for content and authors they like, browse content by category, read content descriptions and user comments, purchase content and leave a rating and a review on the content.

Since the platform is powered by DCT tokens, the encrypted content will be available only for those who send enough DCT tokens. DECENT GO will include the online DCT Wallet which will display the user’s DCT balance and allow them to transfer a certain amount to another account.

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