Windows Phone users Can Now Access
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Windows Phone Users Can Now Access The BitPay Wallet

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Mobile cryptocurrency wallets are all of the rages right now. Most of these applications are available on Android and iOS. However, there is also the Windows Phone ecosystem, which isn’t getting a lot of love right now. BitPay is trying to change all of that, by making their new wallet available for Windows Phone. The company has a track record of making Bitcoin wallets accessible on this particular mobile platform.

It is good to see more Bitcoin wallets come to the Windows Phone ecosystem right now. After all, the number of available solutions is very limited. More specifically, the Copay Wallet has been available since 2015. Other than that, there is very little support for Bitcoin, let alone alternative cryptocurrencies. Now that the BitPay wallet has been made available on this platform, things are looking quite good. This is another move by BitPay to increase their market position on a global scale.

More Bitcoin Wallet Support for Windows Phone Users

Some people may argue Windows Phone is not a big mobile operating system. That is absolutely true, as the number of people using it is very limited. Then again, it should not be overlooked either by any means. Windows Phone is still important to a lot of people. It is good to see some companies provide Bitcoin wallet support for this platform as well. BitPay Wallet is a valuable addition, with more to follow over the coming months, hopefully.

Bringing Bitcoin to the masses is the number one priority right now. This also means going out on a limb to support less popular mobile operating systems. Windows Phone will not go away anytime soon, even though it is not growing much either. Microsoft users have been left in the cold by most wallet developers, that much is certain. That is rather strange, considering Microsoft is a big fan of blockchain and cryptocurrency. BitPay is committed to giving something back to the Microsoft community, which is nice to see.

It will be quite interesting to see whether or not other developers will follow a similar path. This does not mean they should stop focusing on Android and iOS, though. Both platforms are always in need of more secure wallet solutions. However, Windows Phone can be quite important for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well. The BitPay Wallet will make a solid offering on this mobile operating system, that much is evident.

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