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REALITY Powered GetGame Connects Indie Game Devs and Investors

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The gaming industry has almost touched $100 billion ($91 billion in 2016) in the recent days. While PC and gaming consoles continue to be the mainstay gaming platforms, the emergence of powerful smartphones has opened up a whole new arena. The number of games on Google Play Store and Apple App Store are exaggerating. The increasing opportunities have also witnessed a surge in independent game development studios capable of creating fantastic game titles.

Unfortunately, the stellar growth of the industry also means increased competition, where big game development studios continue to grab a majority of the market share solely due to their deep wallets and universal recognition, affecting independent game developers to a great extent.

GetGame is a cryptocurrency powered platform that is working on making the lives of game developers easier by offering them an opportunity to gain access to the much-required funding. GetGame brings game developers and investors together on a single platform, helping both the parties through the development and investment cycles respectively. In addition, it also facilitates marketing of these products to benefit everyone involved. Like any other blockchain platform, GetGame is driven by REALITY (REA) cryptotokens.

Introduced recently as a part of its Initial Token Offering (ITO), REA tokens represent a stake in the games that are onboard the GetGame platform. The games that are accepted on GetGame goes through in initial validation process, and they are required to share 10% of their future revenues with the platform and REA token holders. The REA token holders get an opportunity to invest in the game portfolios, providing the much-needed liquidity to the teams. At the same time, token holders are free to trade the tokens with other interested investors, if they are looking to exit from the investment.

Sharing few similarities with Apptrade, GetGame is also supported by CCEDK’s OpenLedger DC. Through their partnership, GetGame organized the recently concluded Pre-ICO. However, those who missed being part of the early bird crowdsale will soon get an opportunity to participate in the upcoming REA ICO, which is scheduled to be held sometime in December 2017.

Meanwhile, GetGame is already in the process of building its game portfolio. The platform is supporting Project DinoMess GeoGame, an augmented reality game inspired by Pokemon GO and Jurassic Park World. GetGame is looking forward to onboard more gaming projects soon and as the portfolio grows, so does the opportunity to make profits for REA token holders.

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