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DAO.Casino Made $9 Million within 30 Minutes of becoming ICO

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

The DAO.Casino ICO impressively raised $12 million on the same day of its launch, out of which $9 million were incredibly collected within half an hour as soon as the ICO started. The blockchain-enabled betting protocol has come up with the unique opportunity to worldwide investors and cryptocurrency community members. This notion seems to fuel up the ICO and enabled the company to successfully raise such an impressive figure on the very first day.

What is DAO.Casino Ecosystem?

This is a blockchain based, open ecosystem to bet titles that don’t need a trusted third party. This mechanism revolves around a decentralized regulation system developed on Ethereum that rewards all auditors, developers and community members on an auto basis, for their respective contributions. Players are provided with scam-free games through an access to the front end platforms having a simple user interface.

What’s special about the protocol?

The protocol is available as MVP while the platform has become a source of big disruption in online gambling industry worldwide. The solutions invented by the company offer fairness, mutual profitability and transparency into online gambling, via blockchain technology.

The Increasing Demand…

The native BET tokens of DAO.Casino is in great demand, making the company raise the maximum CAP to $25 million worth of Ether. This way, the company believes in providing a greater opportunity to investors to contribute towards its protocol.

The result on the first day of the ICO shows that ICO will reach its goal much before the last date. The same terms for token crowd sale will be applicable as announced by the company earlier. The BET tokens and ERC20 tokens will be used as in-game currency for contracts integrated within the protocol.

The campaign started on June 29th, 2017 and will last for next 28 days or till the maximum CAP reached. The first day of ICO offered investors 2,000 BET tokens for each 1 ETH, which has now fallen to 1,800 BET per 1 ETH for the two weeks. After the end of two weeks, BET tokens will be reduced by 100 at every 3-day interval till the ICO ends.

The Distribution of Tokens & Revenue…

The 70% of all tokens will be issued to ICO investors, 10% to founders and early adopters, 10% for bounties and 10% for having a legal entity and other expenses. The 60% revenues will be used for R&D, 20% for operations, 15% for marketing and 5% for legal expenses.

To know about the Terms & Conditions of Participation and participate, visit

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