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Creditbit Keeps Buzzing with Innovation; Price an Absolute steal

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Creditbit dev team is putting in all their efforts into the development of the Creditbit project. The project has introduced such innovative and diverse sub-projects that overlooking the ingenuity of the project is not easy for any crypto member. The multiple subprojects are either developed and waiting for deployment, or still are in different stages of development.

Creditbit is sure to attract more traction once these interesting concepts are deployed. Projects like CreditBOND, CreditIDENTITY and CreditBAY are definitely interesting and are being awaited with baited breaths by the community. The dev team recently gave a development status report on the various sub-projects.

The first point of focus is DAO, which is definitely one of the most important projects being undertaken. DAO Smart Contracts are in final development stage and should be ready for testing on a testing network on Friday, July 7, 2017. The Contracts will be deployed on the main Ethereum Network shortly thereafter.

Following the SC deployment, the Dapp will be prepared for more convenient interaction with DAO contracts, enabling all members to candidate and vote in a simple and straightforward way. A step-by-step instructions guide will also be published on the voting mechanism and overview of DAO structure.

The distributed application is also under development. Currently, the work is being done on BI and cutting the design, and the whole subproject should be ready before the election date, which is currently scheduled for the next month.

Following the deployment of CreditDAO and DAPP, the dev team will soon push forward the CreditGAME contracts. Some of the games are already prepared but they must be linked with other SCs before the deployment.

Finally, The CRB value does seem a little low as the crypto market, on the whole, is still recovering from a rather bearish trend displayed over the past few days. This does not hamper the credibility of CRB in any way as it is only a matter of time before the token prices pick up with their proven track record of crossing the $1 mark on multiple occasions.

The trade volume is slowly picking up again with positive trends from Bittrex and DABTC. Things are still looking fairly positive for CRB. Creditbit right now is an absolute steal and anyone who doesn’t have CRB in their portfolio should pick some up while the price remains low.

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