­iDice.io, The World’s First Mobile Gambling Dapp is Also Cheat-Proof

The absence of adequate cheat-proof standards has plagued online casino industry since its inception. In most of the cases, these standards are intentionally given a miss in favor of online casino owners with deep pockets. They manipulate the outcomes by abusing the outcomes of the bets, leaving players with the losses they don’t deserve.

Blockchain, to some extent, can resolve the trust issue between casinos and players. The decentralized technology is currently being tested and utilized by many new-age casino platforms to remove middlemen. That being said, the outcomes of each bet is never calculated by the owner but are guessed by using the undetectable PRNG systems.

iDice.io, the world’s first open-source mobile gaming DAPP (an amalgamation of decentralized and applications), attempts to bring the same cheat-proof methods to its platform. It uses Oraclize.it to retrieve a random integer supplied by Random.org via TLSNotary. The iDice’s Ethereum-based smart contract then performs encryption on the integer provided by Random.org and the IPFS address of the TLSNotary proof to compute the game result.

This method is the safest and most reliable method for iDice to generate random numbers without 3rd party interference. What’s further interesting is the availability of the contract’s source code for peer-review, which proves iDice means to deliver a community-driven and transparent random number generation system.

iDice game code is decentralized and immutable, thanks to the nature of the Ethereum protocol. The Smart Contract layer runs entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain ensuring that the platform remains auditable, transparent and verifiable.

The response to iDice.io has been extremely positive with the platform already raking in a profit of 363 ETH at the time of writing.

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