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Ereum Enterprise Alliance Wel Big Names Including Mastercard & Cisco

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

Interesting things are happening for the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance these days. This open-source blockchain initiative is attracting a lot of attention lately. With several dozen members on board after just seven months, things are looking quite good. The latest companies to join the EEA include Cisco, MasterCard, Scotiabank, and others. The whole world wants to embrace blockchain technology, by the look of things.

No one can deny the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is making some big waves right now. More specifically, their ranks keep on growing nearly every single month. So far, over 150 companies and service providers have signed up already. All of this is achieved in less than seven months, mind you. Another 34 organizations have joined the initiative since May of 2017. The new “recruits” include some rather impressive names, though.

Dozens of New Members for the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Having companies such as MasterCard, Scotiabank Cisco, and others on board is quite significant. This goes to show the world is paying close attention to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. All of these innovators want to build and promote blockchain technology on a global scale. Then again, it seems unlikely most of these companies are aware they are building on top of a mutable blockchain. The end goal should always be to create a tamper-proof an uneditable blockchain system. Ethereum does not provide that technology thanks to their DAO rollback not too long ago.

While the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance continues to grow, the pressure is building as well. All of these partners will have major expectations to live up to. Signing up for a blockchain initiative is one thing, but building applications are something else entirely. It is evident blockchain technology can bring a lot of benefits to the table for all of the EEA members. However, it may take years until they effectively put together a working demo or platform. Ethereum wants to position itself as an enterprise-grade technology, that much is obvious.

Developing an industry standard for blockchain technology will be the top priority for the time being. With over 150 members on board, that will lead to some interesting discussions. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is well worth keeping an eye on. However, it is evident these members are not entirely sure what they are signing up for. Building on technology which can be altered afterward if needed is not the right way forward. It will be interesting to see how the EEA plays out in the long run.

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