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For the last few years, Bitcoin has been making headlines regarding several topics, be it the spiking of its value, or its growing acceptance amongst countries. Today Bitcoin is trading at an all time high, which has led to investors looking out for other available Altcoins, in the hopes of them being as profitable as Bitcoin one day. This has led to much greater investments in cryptocurrency mining.

Once they enter this cryptocurrency stream they soon realize that it’s not a blind man’s game to trade in this market.Tracking and monitoring of hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market 24×7 while taking investment decisions is tough. This is where they lose all hopes of profitability in the trading business – and this is the point where we can provide some technical assistance.

MCAP labs have been constantly monitoring the cryptocurrency market, tracking the potential flaws barring an investor from further advancement in this field. MCAP labs have taken an initiative to launch ICO investment services for all kinds of traders.

MCAP Labs is driven by its mission to promote investment opportunities by fixing prevalent glitches in the market, enabling even a person with little or no know-how of cryptocurrency market, to reap profits by trading in this crypto-sphere. Our experienced Finance Technologists & Blockchain Experts will provide assistance to our clients to further their cause. They have devised an algorithm which addresses trading and mining profitability of Altcoins. The algorithm enables us to answer questions like:

  • Is the purpose behind the coin’s presence clear?
  • On what volume was the cost increment or decrement done? 
  • Which trade exchanges acknowledge which altcoins? 
  • Is the Altcoin organized with focal control or with decentralized administration? 
  • What amount of the cost of the digital currency depends on the esteem being conveyed today, and what amount is it in view of future guarantees of advancement?
  • Assessment of mining profitability on the benchmarks of:
  • Current difficulty level 
  • Trading volume levels

Our point is to look out for virtual currencies with fantastic potential, similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. These two alone accounts for an extensive portion of our financial specialist’s portfolio. We will also concentrate on other digital currencies for monetary benefits such as Dash, Ripple, ZCash, Litecoin etc. To guarantee that the volatility is kept to a minimum and a client’s portfolio is not at risk, we keep a reserve which ensures that the benefits and related rates brought on by these currencies change as the market develops.


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