investFeed’s Live Token Sale Ends Widespread Support Crypto Community

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investFeed, a centralized cryptocurrency portfolio investment, and management hub have gained widespread popularity and acceptance in its recently closed ICO, by raising more than 9850 ETH. The token sale by investFeed, the next-generation social investment network for cryptocurrencies, started on July 23, 2017, and ended on August 7, 2017, where overwhelming community’s support was observed.

investFeed has been developed considering cryptocurrency community, which differentiates it from other social investment networks. It provides users an insight about cryptocurrency market along with a lot of valuable features that make it a central hub. The platform, since 2014, has resulted from observation, continuous development, and iterations. InvestFeed developers have stated that in the mid of scattered and fragmented platforms, investFeed has come up to address all problems with social investment encountered by cryptocurrency community.

The FEED tokens

InvestFeed’s FEED tokens issued in the crowdsale, give users an access to content subscriptions, special content, the ability to promote one’s own content within the network, advanced investor tools, and ad removal features. The investFeed team, through blockchain based solutions, aims to develop a dedicated network for cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts across the globe, which is, at present, not available to blockchain industry. Active contributors of the platform will get rewards.

Ron Chernesky, the CEO of investFeed states that their vision is based on pivoting from equities to decentralized digital assets. The platform is completely embracing the biggest technological breakthroughs.

The Progress

InvestFeed began as a social investing hub for equity investors and traders and the latest iteration of the platform is based on constant evolution, including cryptocurrencies as the most remarkable and disruptive investment options. InvestFeed aims to target both cryptocurrency community and millennial audience. The familiarity of these groups with social networks make investFeed a great platform to take part in social investing while exploiting added functionality for order capabilities and portfolio management via third-party APIs.

Andrew Freedman, the CTO of the company considers a switch from equities to cryptocurrencies a great news for millennial users since they are more eager to invest in this new technology, which lets them invest in markets without the interference of third parties.

The token sale of the FEED tokens, closed recently, raising more than 9850 ETH, will lead to accelerated product development, increasing developer adoption and network growth.

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